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Non Emergency Family Protection/Child Custody

This service request is used to report violations of restraining orders and child custody disputes. If a violation of a protective order and/or a disturbance is occurring, contact 911. If a custody order has been issued, both parties are not on the scene and you need a police report to document the violation, residents are encouraged to file this report online at or download the app on Google Play or Apple Store. Residents can also dial 512-291-5695 to receive a direct link via text to download the app.

Service Level Agreement

APD Non Emergency will review your request and call you back within 6 hours. However, non emergency call backs are not made between the hours of 10pm and 8am. APD will make 2 attempts to contact you; it is not necessary to call back if you miss the first call. If you miss both calls you will need to call us back to start the process over.


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