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Dockless Mobility at 2820 S LAMAR BLVD

OPEN 1 minute ago #19-00236774

Found Animal - Keep at E Slaughter Ln Austin Travis County

Tricolor Shorthair Pointer Blue eyes, cloudy
OPEN 4 minutes ago #19-00236771

Pothole Repair at 7621 Rockpoint Dr Northwest Hills Northwest Oaks

Last year sometime, unitilies did some digging in front of our house. The street repair has started to break apart and a pothole has formed.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 4 minutes ago #19-00236697

Grass/Weeds Over 12" Tall at 6802 MILLRACE DR

Cart at curb
CLOSED SR Transferred to Alternate System. 2019-139502 CC; Inspector Name: Forrest Pobst; Inspector Phone: (512)974-3614; Address: 6802 MILLRACE DR; City: AUSTIN; Zip Code: 78724;. - 4 minutes ago #19-00236719

Dockless Mobility at 2507 E 8TH ST

on his easement -this is becoming an ongoing problem
CLOSED 5 minutes ago #19-00236668

Dockless Mobility at 511 E 6TH ST

e 6th from red river east have scooters parked improperly every block
CLOSED 6 minutes ago #19-00198934

Loose Dog at 7318 COLONY PARK DR

Color: Light Brown, Adult Dog
OPEN 7 minutes ago #19-00236764

Dead Animal Collection at 1608 NORTHWOOD RD

OPEN Already Reported. - 8 minutes ago #19-00236748

Dead Animal Collection at 1606 NORTHWOOD RD

OPEN 11 minutes ago #19-00236738


Pflugerville animal control states it is not in there jurisdiction and handled by Austin Animal Control/// Caller stated he called and I also called to confirm
OPEN 13 minutes ago #19-00236733

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