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Fireworks Noise Complaint at 5415 Cameron Rd

OPEN 2 minutes ago #21-00176130

Fireworks Noise Complaint at 13912 Heywood Dr

OPEN 2 minutes ago #21-00176129

Other at 1703 W 5 Th St

Street light out. Pole 363265
OPEN 3 minutes ago #21-00176136

Other at 1504 W 6 Th St

Pole 389793 street light out
OPEN 4 minutes ago #21-00176135

Loud Commercial Music at 605 Davis St

container bar at 90 RAINEY ST bothering nearby hotel residents with loud music
OPEN 5 minutes ago #21-00176127

Other at 1500 W 6 Th St

Street light hasn't worked in years. Very dark in this area. W 6th at Highland. Pole 364511
OPEN 7 minutes ago #21-00176131

Other at 1317 W 6 Th St

Street light doesn't work. Pole 389789
OPEN 10 minutes ago #21-00176128

Other at 1214 W 6 Th St

Very little light being emitted from street light. Reported before and clearly not fixed. Pole 389791
OPEN 13 minutes ago #21-00176124

Loud Commercial Music at Lanshire Dr North Austin Civic Association Austin

Loud bass playing for over 30 minutes now. Happens multiple times a day on this street. Why doesn't APD do anything about it?
OPEN 13 minutes ago #21-00176123

Other at 1139 W 6 Th St

Street light not working at all. On-going issue. Pole 364496
OPEN 13 minutes ago #21-00176121

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