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Street Light Issue at 7508 SENECA FALLS LOOP

the light shines to bright and into the citizens bedroom citizen states that the bulb inside the street light is much brighter then the previous light bulbs over the course of 10 years
CLOSED 2 minutes ago #16-00258250

Park Grounds Maintenance at 10231 DAVID MOORE DR

Graffiti on signs and water fountain at Mary Moore Searight Park near playground.
CLOSED 29 minutes ago #16-00258348

Sidewalk Repair at 1208 CHESTNUT AVE

citizen stated the work is currently going on at this time but they missed a spot around the telephone pole and she just wants them to know.
OPENED 35 minutes ago #16-00258886

Dead Animal Collection at 3000 BURLESON RD

Dead cat
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #16-00258045

Pothole Repair at 3006 STRATFORD DR

Water standing in street
CLOSED about 6 hours ago #16-00073907

Loud Commercial Music at 601 RIO GRANDE ST

Thursday through sunday / The rio / rooftop bar music complaint/ 9pm to 2am
OPENED about 6 hours ago #16-00258710

Construction Items in ROW at 13001 STATON DR

OPENED about 7 hours ago #16-00258702

Pothole Repair at 2572-2598 Windsor Rd

Pothole in left lane approaching the intersection of Windsor and Hartford facing Mopac. On a slope, caused my awd vehicle to slip as I approached the light, very surprising for my vehicle. Can't imagine how that intersection must be in th...
OPENED about 7 hours ago #16-00258680

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 6211 MANOR RD

Water currently running from underground into street at a strong and continuous pace.
CLOSED about 7 hours ago #16-00256072

Found Animal - Keep at Lazy Creek Dr Austin Travis County

Brown dog with black on his back and tail. Chubby face, small ears. Asian breed/mix probably. Not fixed, no collar, no microchip. Doesn't know commands.
OPENED about 7 hours ago #16-00258679

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