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Graffiti Removal at Victory Dr & Pack Saddle Pass

graffiti is under 71 bridge where ben white intersects with pack saddle pass
OPEN 2 minutes ago #21-00478379

Parking Violation at 1312 Lamar Square Dr

Vehicle blocking roadway
OPEN 4 minutes ago #21-00478378

Graffiti Removal at Menchaca Rd & W Ben White Blvd Svrd Wb

on the coulombs under the bridge
OPEN 8 minutes ago #21-00478374

Dead Animal Collection at 6924 Quinton Dr

asap if possible
OPEN 10 minutes ago #21-00477022

Park Grounds Maintenance at 7731 Spicewood Springs Rd

Car debris left from an accident on Spicewood Springs
OPEN 10 minutes ago #21-00478377

Grass/Weeds Over 12" Tall at 4631 E Riverside Dr

Exxon will not mow lawn , ever . Weeds are currently over two feet tall
CLOSED SR Transferred to Alternate System. 2021-166668 CC; Inspector Name: Patricia Perez; Inspector Phone: 512-974-9812; Address:; City:; Zip Code:;. - 16 minutes ago #21-00478354

Park Grounds Maintenance at 7713 Spicewood Springs Rd

Trash dumped on Trail
OPEN 19 minutes ago #21-00478368

Shared Micromobility at 1115 San Jacinto Blvd

the scooters belong to different companies, their is Bird Brand, Wheels brand, and Link Brand
OPEN 20 minutes ago #21-00478356

Park Grounds Maintenance at 7731 Spicewood Springs Rd

Graffiti on natural cliffs
OPEN 22 minutes ago #21-00478363

Found Dog (Confined) Pick Up at 2327 Lavendale Ct

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A21-109566, Results:POST FOR RECLAIM; 1 MADE CONTACT; 1 EDUCATED SOMEONE;. - 22 minutes ago #21-00472302

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