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Pothole Repair at BURTON DR & E OLTORF ST

CLOSED Completed. Pothole filled with 1.5 bags of mix. - about 1 hour ago #17-00104711

Pothole Repair at 1604 POQUONOCK RD

There are potholes all up and down Windsor street in the location west of Pease Park. It's dangerous for traffic coming up the road. It's been like this for years. Fix them.
CLOSED Completed. Pot-hole at edge of curb made repairs with one bag of mix no other Pot-hole found left ok. - about 3 hours ago #16-00274175

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 300 N LAURELWOOD DR

There is water coming from the street and most likely risking a sinkhole
CLOSED about 3 hours ago #16-00280911

Sidewalk Repair at 4415 AVENUE A

Cracked, raised sinking and crumbling
CLOSED Completed. Side-walk is being lifted by tree root, Made repairs with 4 bags of mix route to concrete to repairs. - about 3 hours ago #16-00283241

Sidewalk Repair at 6106 BEGONIA CIR

citizen stated the sidewalk is cracked and sinking.
CLOSED Completed. made a temp repair to trip hazard on the sidewalk. - about 3 hours ago #16-00282677

Pothole Repair at 600 TRINITY ST

Large concrete block protrudes up into intersection. The issue is at the connection between brick and asphalt. Going westbound in the second-to-left lane it's impossible to miss. Large enough to cause an accident if on a motorcycle.
CLOSED Completed. There was signs of broken rocks at the corner of Trinity and 6th St but there were no rocks found left ok. - about 3 hours ago #16-00283601

Pothole Repair at 3312 HARRIS PARK AVE

And several potholes hazardous to cyclists
CLOSED Completed. At the intersection there was a sunken water value used 1bag of mix to make repairs left ok. - about 3 hours ago #16-00283400

Pothole Repair at 8400 NUCKOLS CROSSING RD

between 8400 and 8500 block a lot of small pot holes and putting wear and tear on people tries
CLOSED Completed. their was no potholes.. they were man-holes lids. - about 3 hours ago #16-00282683

Pothole Repair at 12006 GATLING GUN LN

Small pothole near intersection of Buckingham Gate in front of pool
CLOSED Completed. placed bag mix in a 1x1x1 pothole. - about 3 hours ago #16-00282608

Sidewalk Repair at 505 HARRIS AVE

Existing sidewalk cracked and falling apart, three houses completely missing sidewalk, and adjacent property owners claiming public right-of-way is their own private garden
CLOSED Completed. Side-walk was broken and cracked up causing tripping hazard Used 1 bag of mix to make safe. - about 3 hours ago #16-00283377

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