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School Zone Flasher - Maintenance at 800 Exposition Blvd

North bound school zone flashing flasher not working at all.
OPEN Work in Progress. - Completed. Identify Asset. - 1 minute ago #22-00029571

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 1010 E 32 Nd St

On Harmon avenue fading Towaway fire zone Red curb
OPEN 1 minute ago #22-00029605

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 11419 Sprinkle Cutoff Rd

Speed limit sign hit by car
CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved) - Replaced 30 mph speed limit sign. - 4 minutes ago #22-00028444

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 13019 Tarland St

Stop Sign fell off
CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved) - Reinstalled stop sign. - 4 minutes ago #22-00029318

Water Conservation Violation at 706 S Pleasant Valley Rd

Irrigation leaking
CLOSED Referred to Other Agency. Needs to go to PARD. - 5 minutes ago #21-00561456

Construction Items in ROW at 516 E 11 Th St

OPEN Completed - 6 minutes ago #22-00026937

Parking Violation at 500 River St

Car parked on median at the MACC. Left rear wheel is right on top of irrigation stub.
CLOSED No Problem Found - Close SR - 6 minutes ago #22-00028648

Water Conservation Violation at 4800 Greystone Dr

sprinkler system has been going for more than 2 hrs causing some small flooding in area
CLOSED Post Card Sent - Close SR - 7 minutes ago #22-00000992

Parking Violation at 7500 Burnet Rd

Vehicles long-term parked on sidewalk and in street. Large trailer partially obstructing west bound lane on Richcreek Rd. forcing drivers to cross into oncoming lane. Texas Elite Motors is not making any attempt to avoid obstructing walke...
CLOSED Submitted outside operating hours - Close SR - 8 minutes ago #22-00029234

Water Conservation Violation at 10245 Crescendo Ln

Leak from property into the intersection of Crescendo Ln and Bella Verde Ave for over a year
CLOSED Referred to Other Agency. PV drove to location, large amount of stagnant water in street flowing from backyard, water tests positive for Austin Water, checked water meter for two houses uphill, there was no water flowing through meters, additional investigation required = possible seep. - 8 minutes ago #22-00002714

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