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Other at 1602 Toomey Rd

Abandoned bicycle
OPEN 1 minute ago #20-00331614

Other at 501 E 8 Th St

<< 311 Response: Thank you for contacting Austin 311. We have entered in a Debris in Street service request for Street and Bridge to investigate the rock in the road near 115 W 9th St. Your service request number is 20-00331601. This requ...
CLOSED Completed - 2 minutes ago #20-00330346

Water Waste Report at 2422 Keating Ln

CLOSED 7 minutes ago #09-00178141

Food Complaint at 901 N Mopac Expy Nb Under Bridge

Please remove this vile person from this location and all the locations nearby at bridge at Ben White Westgate bridge at Manchaca Ben White Etc they have infiltrated the Arboretum and the whole city down town is full of them it is a publi...
CLOSED Sent to Wrong Department - CLOSE SR. This is not a Health Department matter. This should go to APD or a Behavioral Health Agency. - 8 minutes ago #20-00331452

Water Waste Report at 2421 W Wells Branch Pkwy Tx

wells branch and thomas sinclair 7am weekdays water shoots into wells branch street 7:00 am m-f
CLOSED Unable to validate - 8 minutes ago #09-00070509

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 1403 E Rundberg Ln

received via mobile app--Speed limit sign is covered by tree limbs. Can't see 35 mph speed limit sign East bound on south curbline of E. Rundberg.
OPEN 9 minutes ago #20-00331573

Loose Dog at 10508 Parsons Rd

caller said a neighbor tried to leash the dog and it nipped his face, his name is George but she does not have any info on George 10615 parsons rd
OPEN 9 minutes ago #20-00331577

Other at 1403 E Rundberg Ln

<< 311 Response: Thank you for contacting Austin 311. We appreciate you bringing the sign issue at this location to our attention. We have relayed this information to Austin Transportation, via service request. Your service request number...
CLOSED Completed - 10 minutes ago #20-00330332

Dead Animal Collection at 310 E St Elmo Rd

Caller says the dead animal is located on the sidewalk in a plastic bag .
OPEN 12 minutes ago #20-00331568

Trash/Debris on Property at 30.18 N 97.79 W

Brush pile on curb in front of this home for months
CLOSED SR Transferred to Alternate System. 2020-120733 CC; Inspector Name: Donna Dunn; Inspector Phone: 512-974-2301; Address: 8312 BEAVER BROOK LN; City: AUSTIN; Zip Code: 78748;. - 12 minutes ago #20-00331551

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