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Park Grounds Maintenance at 12301 Blue Water Dr

Damaged trail marker
OPEN 9 days ago #19-00427470

Water Waste Report at 12272 Dessau Rd

High pressure water on customer side of water meter. There is a silver fire hydrant at south east corner of exxon / 7-11 parking lot. Just West of hydrant / away from Dessau, there are several water boxes covered in dense weeds. Standi...
OPEN Researching Issue - 9 days ago #19-00419881

Sidewalk Repair at 2314 E William Cannon Dr

Sink hole on sidewalk
OPEN 9 days ago #19-00427021

Sidewalk Repair at 2801 Parker Ln

This ramp damaged.
OPEN 9 days ago #19-00426995

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 1400 E 12 Th St

Car has been abandoned in the city parking lot. No license plates on the vehicle. Flat tires.
OPEN 9 days ago #19-00426938

Sidewalk Repair at 2324 E William Cannon Dr

There's a piece of sidewalk either totally sunk in or missing. It's also really dark there. Someone on a bicycle or even walking could definitely become injured. Definitely a hazard. Not sure if all the wet weather in the spring caused th...
OPEN 9 days ago #19-00426663

Sidewalk Repair at 1603 Enfield Rd

Cap Metro installed new bus shelter at Stop 1446. They removed the old trash can and left exposed and dangerous bolts where it was. You can see they removed one and left it behind. It's a dangerous trip hazard.
OPEN 9 days ago #19-00426639

Sidewalk Repair at 6202 Pino Ln

OPEN 9 days ago #19-00426501

Pothole Repair at 4002 Southwest Pkwy

Road repairs. What happened to the anticipated road repairs for Southwest Parkway? There were signs up and then they were taken down.
OPEN 9 days ago #19-00426502

Pothole Repair at 12508 Research Blvd Svrd Sb

Pothole in left lane of southbound 183 just before the sign for the duval exit
OPEN 9 days ago #19-00426478

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