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Pothole Repair at 1801 Lightsey Rd

A filled cut across the street has sunk in, resulting in a significant pot hole near the center stripe eastbound Lightsey rd just east of Aldwych. Cars swerve into the westbound lane to avoid it.
CLOSED Completed. temp patch 2 bags. - 24 days ago #19-00110942

Pothole Repair at 612 Park Pl

There is an uncovered pipe hole on the street that is hazard for bikers and scooters.
CLOSED Completed. no problem found. - 24 days ago #19-00111863

Pothole Repair at 1909 Cedar Bend Dr

There is a pot hole on the cross walk in the intersection of Metric Blvd and Cedar Bend Drive. It is noticeable on the left turning lane from Cedar Bend drive to Metric.
CLOSED Completed. Temporary patch installed closing work order. - 24 days ago #19-00111173

Pothole Repair at 2206 Gracy Farms Ln

Lot of potholes near Stone Hollow drive and Gracy Farms Lane.
CLOSED Completed. temporarily repair pothole. - 24 days ago #19-00111177

Pothole Repair at 510 Guadalupe St

CLOSED Completed. temporarily repair pothole. - 24 days ago #19-00111471

Pothole Repair at 7844 Burnet Rd

The intersection of Burnet and Anderson is a bumpy mess with potholes
CLOSED Completed. this area is scheduled for repair as of now it is rough and bumpy but no major hazards citizens just want to know when it will be repaired. - 24 days ago #19-00106478

Pothole Repair at 1900 Rogge Ln

Pot hole/trench only getting deeper and more dangerous to traffic. People now swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid possible wheel damage.
CLOSED Completed. UTILITY CUT ROUGH NO HAZARD. - 24 days ago #19-00108485

Pothole Repair at 502 W Howard Ln

Small dip in street in the left turning eastbound lane near the corner of Howard Ln and South Heatherwilde Blvd.
CLOSED Completed. this is a utility cut that is marked and sawed cut for repair temporary safe for now. - 24 days ago #19-00106405

Pothole Repair at 6600 Grover Ave

There is a terrible pothole in front of the last house on Brentwood. Right before you hit going east
CLOSED Completed. nothing found could not locate a pothole. - 24 days ago #19-00106483

Pothole Repair at 10300 Blue Bluff Rd Austin

Blue bluff road is so damaged at the intersections with lindell lane that you cannot safely travel north without crossing into the oncoming lane. Blue bluff road as a whole is in terrible condition, but this area will cause accidents wit...

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