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Flooding Past at 5413 EVANS AVE

Citizen wants contact and an explanation by the technician that responded to previous SR# 10839. The following notes have been provided: "DITCH LINE IS DRAINING SLOWLY NO WATER ON ROAD" Citizen sent email to Austin 311 inbox, (see attachm...
CLOSED Completed. citizen was emailed with contact number and asked to call WPD for explanation. - over 1 year ago #17-00011340

Flooding Past at 1610 DUNGAN LN

Austin Label Company states a Drainage Inspector came out about 6 months to a year ago, and informed them he would come back out within a year to do some more work. The company is calling in to get an update. Their property gets flooded...
CLOSED over 1 year ago #17-00009149

Flooding Past at 1931 E 38TH HALF ST 11

the back yard is flooding and the water stay in the yard for about a week the backyard slope down into the house the water goes under the ac unit and its about a 1 foot deep
CLOSED Completed. Contacted the citizen this a site to site issue and no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - over 1 year ago #17-00011103

Flooding Past at 3401 MC NEIL DR

Large tree stuck at low water crossing. It's causing the crossing to overflow.
CLOSED Completed. Crew removed debri from low water crossing. - over 1 year ago #17-00150335

Flooding Past at 5306 RAMBLING RANGE

CLOSED Completed. Angela N. Johnson, P.E.: This house in the WLN-West Cow CIP project area. This project is currently in the PER phase. I contacted the owner on July 13th, 2017 and advised her on the CIP project status. - over 1 year ago #17-00137020

Flooding Past at 2904 OAKLANE DR

Storm sewer in front of our house is draining very very slowly. During the rain last night it backed up and it didn't complete draining for several hours
CLOSED Completed. RALPH DID THE CALL. - over 1 year ago #17-00001184

Flooding Past at 1006 HATTERAS DR

standing water goes from her driveway to the edge of her neighbors driveway (1004) , and stays in the street in front of her house after a rain event.
CLOSED Completed. 311 command center request to cancel. - over 1 year ago #16-00308478


CLOSED Completed. Flooding/ Street- Local floodInvestigated and contacted the citizen on 01/30/17. The citizen main concern at this location is the intersection tends to act as a detention pond. The citizen feels that its unsafe for handicap pedestrians and those who commute by bike. WPD does not have any kind of infrastructure in the area. The citizen would also like to speak to someone from our Engineering staff about the overall neighborhood. We would like your groups input on this. Maximo work ticket#17-35999 has been sent to WPD Engineering to evaluate this location. No work is planned at this time for WPD FOD.G:\WatershedEngineering\IFolders\2_ D_thur_G\Eilers_Ave_5210_Sr17-00019137. - over 1 year ago #17-00019137

Flooding Past at 8901 TINA CT

flood has taken fence before.
CLOSED Completed. Investigated and contacted the citizen. The creek banks have positive; slopes and is within the floodplain. It will be the property owners; responsibility to repair or replace the fence. No work is planned at; this time for WPD FOD. - over 1 year ago #16-00315992

Flooding Past at 8603 SWANSON LN

CLOSED over 1 year ago #16-00312744

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