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Loose Dog at Pillion Pl Shadowglen Manor

Medium-small white dog with black spots loose in neighborhood
OPEN about 7 hours ago #19-00187640

Construction Items in ROW at 333 GUADALUPE ST

OPEN about 8 hours ago #19-00187580

Graffiti Removal at 601 CONGRESS AVE

Graffiti removed but what ever was used to make the original graffiti ate away the clear coat off the surface leaving behind the impression of the original graffiti
OPEN about 8 hours ago #19-00187553

Sign - New at 1906 ALDRICH ST

There is a three way intersection at Aldrich St. and McBee St. Only McBee St. stops while Aldrich St. continues around the curve.
OPEN Completed - about 8 hours ago #19-00187505

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 2409 LOYOLA LN

OPEN about 8 hours ago #19-00187480

Dockless Mobility at 400 COLORADO ST

Pile of scooters
OPEN about 9 hours ago #19-00187462

Park Grounds Maintenance at 8448 NUCKOLS CROSSING RD

The Onion Creek Metropolitan Park expansion looks abandoned - weeds are nearly the size of the fence.
OPEN about 9 hours ago #19-00187335

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 8100 BLUFF SPRINGS RD

Reported by Eng24 bent speed sign after traffic accident
OPEN about 9 hours ago #19-00187316

Sidewalk Repair at 101 E 5TH ST

OPEN Work in Progress. - about 10 hours ago #19-00186741

Water Waste Report at 5002 AVENUE G

Water leaking from city line
OPEN about 10 hours ago #19-00187202

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