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Sign - New at WILLOW ST & CLARA ST

There needs to be "No Parking" signs installed at the four corners of Willow St. and Clara St . intersection. People are parking on both sides of the street up to the stop sign not adhering to the 30 ft No Parking distance from a stop sig...
CLOSED Completed - 4 days ago #18-00328568

Sign - New at 8844 N MOPAC EXPY SVRD SB

Add white pickets on existing double white lines to allow traffic to merge gradually.
CLOSED Completed - 4 days ago #18-00349312


received via email: Going south down Tillery you cross railroad tracks which is a uneven bumpy road area with a huge pot hole before the tracks the stop sign on your right is hidden by cars and trees. It is hard to notice. We could at...
OPEN Completed - 4 days ago #18-00351256


forwarded from signs, received via web: The stop sign on D-K Ranch Rd with Danwood Dr is a 2-way stop sign, but many drivers on D-K Ranch assume it's a 4-way stop and proceed into incoming traffic on Danwood Dr. Please add "Not a 4-way St...
OPEN Completed - 4 days ago #18-00350445

Sign - New at E 5TH ST & BRAZOS ST

need signs that say "must turn" or signage needs to be more prominent saying "do not enter". just needs to be more obvious for callers so cars don't go the wrong way down a one way road
CLOSED Close SR - Completed. Left messages with citizen but was unable to talk to citizen. Performed field visit and confirmed two Do Not Enter signs are posted on each side of 5th Street at Brazos on signal poles for westbound traffic. Also lane assignment sign is posted on signal mast arms to indicate only left turn and right turns are allowed for westbound traffic. Additionally, pavement markings are present to show only left turns and right turns are allowed. No further action required. - 4 days ago #18-00249180

Sign - New at 323 E RIVERSIDE DR

CLOSED Completed - 4 days ago #18-00306303

Sign - New at 3000 PINECREST DR

Caller would like for the Neighborhood Watch signs to be placed where "the criminals" can see them on their way in the neighborhood and on the way out---she suggests that they be placed on the street name signs or the speed limit signs on...
OPEN Completed - 4 days ago #18-00349414

Sign - New at 705 NORTH BLUFF DR

We need speed, curve, and pedestrian signs.
OPEN Completed - 4 days ago #18-00348796

Sign - New at 401 LITTLE TEXAS LN

No Parking signs on the south bike lane side of the street and bike lane so residence can use bike land and get out of the housing in the area
OPEN Completed - 4 days ago #18-00347940

Sign - New at 30.26N 97.75W

Lids pop up when stepped on
CLOSED Completed - 5 days ago #18-00335982

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