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Sign - New at 1602 E Parmer Ln

Please install a traffic light at the intersection of Parmer & Yager; this is a very dangerous intersection.
CLOSED 3 days ago #19-00432207

Sign - New at 4601 Berkman Dr

Incredibly dangerous crossing! Our family was almost hit by a car. We need a stop sign here or something else to slow down traffic. What is it going to take to get something done? A kid getting hit by a car?
OPEN Completed - 3 days ago #19-00430750

Sign - New at 1819 Rosewood Ave

Tattoo shop needs parking
OPEN Completed - 7 days ago #19-00430460

Sign - New at 316 San Antonio St

Sign pole is broken
CLOSED Completed - 7 days ago #19-00429579

Sign - New at 315 W Cesar Chavez St

Sign is completely off needs to be fixed!
CLOSED Completed - 8 days ago #19-00428833

Sign - New at 6205 Burnet Rd

Need school zone flashing lights installed on Burnet Road parallel to Lamar Middle School. There is no signage or flashing lights on Burnet Rd. to indicate school zone between 6318 Burnet Road to 5900 Burnet Rd. Would you please have th...
CLOSED Completed. This request was never assigned to North Area Team. - 10 days ago #19-00313791

Sign - New at 1318 N Ih 35 Svrd Sb

CLOSED Completed - 10 days ago #19-00423777

Sign - New at 6631 Terravista Dr

The light is messed up. It stays green too long for the people trying to turn left onto Teravista from Southwest Parkway. It should be green most of the time for people on southwest parkway if there was no one on Terra Vista. citizen stat...
CLOSED Completed - 11 days ago #19-00418577

Sign - New at 1349 Lost Creek Blvd

Deer Crossing sign(s)
CLOSED Completed - 11 days ago #19-00401907

Sign - New at 12200 Meridian Park Blvd

Need permanent speed display signs heading both north and south.
CLOSED Completed - 11 days ago #19-00327226

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