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Pothole Repair at 6208 CAMERON RD

It looks like the sidewalk will collapse in itself.
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 23 hours ago #19-00235335

Pothole Repair at 10203 OLD MANCHACA RD

Pothole needs repair
CLOSED Completed. temporarily repair pothole using 3 bags of coldmix, pavement is failing ,about 30 x 5 feet needs repair,. - about 24 hours ago #19-00235115

Pothole Repair at 323 W WILLIAM CANNON DR

Pothole recurring in center lane of eastbound wm cannon
CLOSED Completed. temporarily patch pothole using 1 bag of coldmix. - 1 day ago #19-00234333

Pothole Repair at 6706 CIRCLE S RD

Pothole forming
CLOSED Completed. temporarily patch potholes. - 1 day ago #19-00234321

Pothole Repair at 6606 CIRCLE S RD

Pothole in southbound lane of circle s at wm cannon intersection
CLOSED Completed. repair pot hole with 3 bag mix. - 1 day ago #19-00234332

Pothole Repair at 7100 SALT SPRINGS DR

Glass on road at the intersection with W cannon and salt springs. Over a large area.
CLOSED Completed. Duplicate see work order above. - 1 day ago #19-00234732

Pothole Repair at 5415 RAIN CREEK PKWY

Pothole covering the entire inside lane. It is deteriorating quickly forcing cars to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid damage to their car. This is especially dangerous because oncoming cars are coming around a blind turn.
CLOSED Completed. CSR is a utility cut, already inspected, it will be repair with another work order. - 1 day ago #18-00436389

Pothole Repair at 4500 ROSS RD

The asphalt keeps on Breaking Down on the Corner due to short distances for buses to turn right on Ross
CLOSED Completed. no problem found. - 1 day ago #19-00233965

Pothole Repair at 10138 DECKER LN

At stop sign . Left Ln driving South. Big pot hole from sinking street. Gets worse by the week. About 2ft in diameter.
CLOSED 1 day ago #19-00228327

Pothole Repair at 4500 ROSS RD

The edge on the corner ross and 71 road is washed and us creating a big ditch
CLOSED Completed. Duplicate see WO associated above if further information is needed. - 1 day ago #19-00234392

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