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Sidewalk Repair at 200 TRINITY ST

received via mobile app TRIP HAZARD NW corner of 2nd and Trinity near old Revival bar.
CLOSED about 9 hours ago #16-00240384

Sidewalk Repair at PEARL ST & W 22ND ST

CLOSED about 9 hours ago #16-00240386

Sidewalk Repair at 3509 West Ave Central Austin

HELP! Our sidewalk is severely raised by a tree root. Tree has been gone for 5 years and everyone complains. Heritage NA has complained and you fixed all the sidewalks south of 34th. Can you go north a block? We count too.
CLOSED about 9 hours ago #16-00238933

Sidewalk Repair at 7061 THISTLE HILL WAY

Daughter is handicap and cannot use the sidewalk. It slopes off with broken areas and pretty impossible for her to move around.
CLOSED Completed. SIDEWALK REPAIR ADD 2 BAG MIX TA MAKE SAFE . - about 12 hours ago #18-00349558

Sidewalk Repair at 4500 AVENUE D

4500 Ave D is a rental prop. Very little maintainence.
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 17 hours ago #18-00342412

Sidewalk Repair at 709 E 6TH ST

OPEN Work in Progress. - Completed. Created work order to prune 10 inch live oak on front of 713 E. 6th St. Prune 24 inch live oak in front of 711 E. 6th St. Prune 18 inch and 16 in live oaks in front of 709 E. 6th street. all shall be pruned for street and building clearance. - about 20 hours ago #18-00312013

Sidewalk Repair at 9216 INDEPENDENCE LOOP

CLOSED Completed. We temp. repaired sidewalk with bag mix. - 1 day ago #18-00110094

Sidewalk Repair at 11200 MATISSE TRL

SR # 18-00004336- Caller says nothing was done, but the SR states otherwise ***on the same side of the street as the address on the centennial trl side-near the mail boxes under the big tree the side walk is cracked and has a affected ar...
CLOSED Completed. We went out to 11200 Mattisse the sidewalk at this address has bag mix already on it and safe . - 1 day ago #18-00110426

Sidewalk Repair at 1700 APRICOT GLEN DR

Caller states the sidewalk has sunken in and is requesting someone out to take a look. Caller states the sidewalk is ADA compliant but the sidewalk has sunken down below the street and if your in a wheelchair makes it not assessable.
CLOSED Completed. PLACED HOT MIX TO MAKE ADA RAMP SAFE. - 1 day ago #18-00111140

Sidewalk Repair at 217 W CESAR CHAVEZ ST

Replaced brick sidewalk with asphalt. I understand the need to tear up a sidewalk from time to time but repairing this much brick sidewalk with asphalt is just really shoddy work. Lame * 1000.

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