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original sr notes: Caller state there are no accessible curb ramps along the west side of Parkfield Dr. between Payton Gin Rd & Norseman Ter. Area was inspected and determined that it should be a sidewalk repair and not sidewalk/curb ra...
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 22 hours ago #18-00112880

Sidewalk Repair at 1113 KENYON DR

Sidewalk missing
CLOSED Completed. The sidewalk just ends .that is the only Issue I saw . The sidewalk needs to be completed .Picture in attachments. - about 22 hours ago #18-00113424

Sidewalk Repair at 12107 JOHNNY WEISMULLER LN

CLOSED Completed. PLACED BAG MIX TO MAKE SAFE. - 1 day ago #18-00107623

Sidewalk Repair at 3834 COLOGNE LN

request sent in via online Request to fill in gaps in sidewalks (walk stops then starts down the street, etc sidewalk is not leveled - this need to be repaired ... Per public works: Sidewalk exist at this location - please forward to sid...
CLOSED Completed. level up low area in sidewalk used two bag of mix temporary repair. - 1 day ago #18-00064926

Sidewalk Repair at 10816 YORKTOWN TRL

New sidewalk request from Yorktown Trail trail to 10901 Yorktown Trail. Lot of foot traffic on that side from kids and neighborhood families.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 1 day ago #18-00113623

Sidewalk Repair at 7905 WOODCROFT DR

CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00006832

Sidewalk Repair at 2304 FUENTE CV

the problem is in between 2304 and 2306 Fuente Cv and the other location is 2308 Fuente Cv
CLOSED Completed. PLACED 1 BAG OF MIX ON SIDEWALK TRIP HAZARD. - 1 day ago #17-00313167

Sidewalk Repair at 5405 PARK AT WOODLANDS DR

CLOSED Completed. HOLE IN SIDEWALK REPAIRED. - 1 day ago #17-00313212

Sidewalk Repair at 1136 SHADY LN

Sidewalk overgrown, poison ivy removal
OPEN 2 days ago #18-00112794

Sidewalk Repair at 2817 SALADO ST

CLOSED Completed. Sidewalk is all cracked up has bag mix already . Needs permanent repair. Pictures in attachments . Routed to Brad at Concrete . - 2 days ago #18-00111659

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