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Flooding Past at 12301 BLUE WATER DR

Debris blocking creek
CLOSED Completed. maximo ticket #18-220507please have crews remove down tree in channel and clear debris from face of culvert to allow positive flow. - 13 days ago #18-00171491

Flooding Past at 4702 CIRCLE OAK CV

CLOSED Completed. This ticket will be reviewed by WPD field engineer no work is planned at this time. Citizen has been contacted. - 14 days ago #18-00152401

Flooding Past at 301 W 2ND ST

Store manager reported past flooding inside store from adjacent Nellie St. that diverts from street, down the sidewalk and culminates at two inlets with limited capacity to intake water. Please investigate if larger inlets are needed by...
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Street and; Bridge to inspect sidewalk. Run off is appears to to becoming from the; sidewalk. inlets are functioning. no street flooding at this; intersection. No work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 17 days ago #18-00128687

Flooding Past at 15 SCOTT CRES

caller has experienced this issue over the last 5 years
CLOSED Completed. contacted citizen. no work scheduled for WPD FOD at this time. - 18 days ago #18-00158254

Flooding Past at 3202 HANCOCK DR

Along Hancock Drive, just west of the intersection with Valley Oak, there is so much grass growing in the gutter and into the bike lane that it stops the flow of water into the drop inlets. The same is true for the grass growing in the g...
CLOSED Completed. erlinda,please forward to street; and bridge, grass and sediment on the curb line that is not allowing; water to flow. no work scheduled for WPD FOD at this time. - 20 days ago #18-00156128

Flooding Past at 12009 BLACK ANGUS DR

Culvert cleanout (to prevent continuous flooding here) appears incomplete. Also, since it was done starting "downstream", it will result in very high velocity water in the small part that is not blocked.
CLOSED Completed. North crews are NOT completely done with the general maintenance and will continue on removing sediment deposit. No contact information listed. - 22 days ago #17-00349329

Flooding Past at 17002 SPLENDOR PASS, LAKEWAY

CLOSED Completed. Please forward to the city of Lakeway. This is out of WPD FOD ETJ no work is planned at this time. - 22 days ago #17-00320334

Flooding Past at 811 W 5TH ST

Debris build up
CLOSED Completed. maximo ticket #18-201815please remove debris from bridge to allow positive flow. - 26 days ago #18-00152610

Flooding Past at 1520 REAGAN HILL DR 109 J`

She has not gotten any results from management.
CLOSED Completed. Erlinda, please forward this to Code Compliance. Flooding on private property, citizen is unable to hear back from property management. No work for WPD FOD at this time. - 28 days ago #18-00115264

Flooding Past at 1401 GUADALUPE ST

Water runoff backing up at this storm drain. No water is going down the drain. Plumes of water coming up around the drain on corner of Guadalupe at 14th. Water backs up into our church.
CLOSED Completed. Construction at 1400 Lavaca St. Tri-dike jammed inside curb inlets in; front and the side of given address preventing storm water from draining; sufficiently.Erlinda, please forward this to EV Inspections. Run-off from construction site preventing curb inlets from draining. - 29 days ago #18-00147713

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