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Flooding Past at 12009 BLACK ANGUS DR

Culvert cleanout (to prevent continuous flooding here) appears incomplete. Also, since it was done starting "downstream", it will result in very high velocity water in the small part that is not blocked.
CLOSED Completed. North crews are NOT completely done with the general maintenance and will continue on removing sediment deposit. No contact information listed. - 13 days ago #17-00349329

Flooding Past at 1507 BRIDGEWAY DR

Large branches "log-jammed" against bridge pilings at 2600 blk of Thornton Rd. (between Bridgeway Dr. and Summer Creek Ct.)
CLOSED Completed - 13 days ago #17-00299450

Flooding Past at 6211 PARKWOOD DR

Citizens report that the Gaines Tributary of Barton Creek from this address to Southwest Parkway contains trash, debris and possibly has been filled in, causing flooding. Please inspect this reach of creek.
CLOSED Completed. A site meeting has been set up with Engineer John Middleton and Rupali Sabnis on 11/21/17. There is a CIP project that will take place in 2020. - 13 days ago #17-00342015

Flooding Past at 900 W 9TH ST

Debris blocking access
CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket#17-171544 has been sent to open waterways south crew to remove debris from creek channel. - 13 days ago #17-00135729

Flooding Past at 5508 AVENUE H

per Austin code: This complaint is for an active construction site. BP #2016-027857. The Watershed Department and Environmental Services respond to drainage and grading issues The owner of the property has grading his own dirt on the sid...
CLOSED Completed. Routed to EV. - 25 days ago #17-00101687

Flooding Past at 1826 BITTER CREEK DR

citizen is using relay Texas and number will route straight through an interpreter
CLOSED Completed. In formation has been sent to WED for further evaluation. This may be a site to site issue between property owner's. No work is currently planned for WPD FOD at this time. Citizen was contacted on site. - about 1 month ago #17-00116591

Flooding Past at 2411 BENDING TRL

citizen is a Spanish speaker
CLOSED Completed - about 1 month ago #15-00271453

Flooding Past at 1718 BARN SWALLOW DR

8 ft privacy feet was built by a neighbor. the yard was also raised in elevation. water is being diverted into her yard when it rains, it floods her whole back yard. she's not the only one affected.
CLOSED about 1 month ago #17-00088435

Flooding Past at 4518 HIGHLAND TER

Caller wants to report flooding that happens on in street near driveway easement.
CLOSED Completed - about 1 month ago #17-00289859

Flooding Past at 2104 E 12TH ST

CLOSED Completed. Information has been sent to WED in regards of yard flooding coming from the back alley of given address. The citizen will be contacted again, once I hear something back from Watershed Engineering. - about 1 month ago #17-00318190

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