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Flooding Past at 2610 Lost Creek Blvd

A low water crossing with no barriers or eating son I am with the Lost Creek Limited Distict and am trying to track down the right individuals to talk with in the city. Please dive me a name and number. Thank you.
CLOSED Completed. Will forward to Fuse No work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 24 days ago #19-00231048

Flooding Past at 821 Berrywood Dr

Garage flooded again last night
CLOSED Completed. Garage flooding will be documented. The citizen has been contacted several times regarding this matter and keeps in touch with WED. In-house design is being implemented. - 26 days ago #19-00225618

Flooding Past at 6810 Colton Bluff Springs Rd

Trash can in the drainage of marble creek. Please removed ASAP as this is blocking drainage and this creek floods over road everytime it rains
CLOSED 26 days ago #19-00181748

Flooding Past at 7300 E Us 290 Hwy Svrd Wb

Soil for road construction inadequately stored. The creek can be seen from satellite filling with sediment. Please investigate and correct as well as address the creek as the added soil will kill it. Thanks
CLOSED Completed. Channel was clear "White silt" is natural bedrock along Little Walnut Creek. No work is planned for WPD FOD at this time. No contact information listed. - 27 days ago #19-00212294

Flooding Past at 1101 S 6 Th St

W Bouldin Creek, very large trees damming up creek flow just north of S 6th dead end
CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket#19-200749 please have crew cut down tree and remove to allow positive flow. - 28 days ago #19-00220628

Flooding Past at 5903 Bull Creek Rd

There has been a continuing problem with medium-term standing water after rain storms at this address-in fact along a hood portion of this block of Bull Creek Rd-for over 6 years. As reported approximately 6 months ago, the standing water...
CLOSED Completed. Standing water on street unable to drain towards open curb into creek channel. Please forward to Street and Bridge regarding constant standing water on street. No work for WPD FOD at this time. - about 1 month ago #19-00168419

Flooding Past at 6801 Beckett Rd

storm drain overflowing at unit 112R
CLOSED Completed. storm drain overflowing at unit 112R; Flex Notes; What date did the flooding occur?05/08/2019 12:00:00 AMWhere did it flood?StreetHow deep is the water?unkownSR SLA (Due) Date/Time06/10/2019 06:56:42 AMMobile Apps Reporter Informationapp=android;app_ver=3.18.1;os=Android;os_ver=7.0;model=Android; SM-G920V;model_id=SM-G920V;device_id=574a1ab6ff0376f7430a83f4;registered=05/28/2016; 05:24:54 PMSpoke to Manager who explained is within the condo; complex and notified him if the storm drain is within the commercial lot; would be the owner of condo's responsibility. He was polite and; thankful. - about 1 month ago #19-00168065

Flooding Past at 4612 Finley Dr

CLOSED Completed. this is private site to site flooding occurring due to re-development,; no inlets or drainage easement on site to inspect. Natural flows take; water downhill to Finley dr from houses on Bull Creek. - about 1 month ago #19-00209121

Flooding Past at 3714 Clarkson Ave

Drain culvert adjacent to railroad is obstructed by storm debris.
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Capital Metro. - about 1 month ago #19-00160332

Flooding Past at 1406 E 38 Th Half St

CLOSED Completed. Nothing there. - about 1 month ago #18-00133619

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