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Flooding Past at 1117 Desirable Dr

The foliage and debris below the railroad tracks on the Tannehill Branch are bottlenecking water flow and creating increased risk of flood to adjacent neighborhoods and electrical infrastructure. Should this blockage be cleared, nearby ar...
CLOSED about 1 month ago #20-00359364

Flooding Past at 901 Little Texas Ln

Regal Metropolitan (theater). Saw water pouring out the back door. Looked in the front window and the hallway was also flooded. Not sure if it has already been reported
CLOSED about 1 month ago #21-00079441

Flooding Past at 907 Minturn Ln

No water at all not flooding
CLOSED about 1 month ago #21-00069020

Flooding Past at 2618 W 7 Th St

Pipe burst
CLOSED about 1 month ago #21-00068986

Flooding Past at 6702 Shoal Creek Blvd

Overgrowth in creek that restricts water flow during heavy rain.
CLOSED Completed - about 1 month ago #20-00303971

Flooding Past at 89 Congress Ave

Standing water on Congress Avenue bridge northbound side. Drainage appears to be clogged. Water overtaken the entire bike lane
CLOSED about 1 month ago #21-00063946

Flooding Past at 5100 Brassiewood Dr

This is a photo of the 12 foot weeds in the retention pond behind my house. My yard flooded Memorial Day weekend and was within 2 inches of inches of entering my home. Several neighbors homes were flooded. Keeping the retention pond free...
CLOSED 2 months ago #20-00278016

Flooding Past at 1507 Bridgeway Dr

Potential flooding hazard, but doesn't really fit this category's questions. There is a dead tree caught under the bridge crossing the creek on Thornton Rd., between Summer Creek Ct and Bridgeway Dr. that could trap more debris in the ne...
CLOSED Completed - 2 months ago #20-00415257

Flooding Past at 6620 Airport Blvd

PLEASE clear the brush and debris under the pedestrian bridge and railroad bridge at this location. Additionally, as reported before, ALL of the drainage culverts/gutters on Airport Blvd. from N. Lamar to Deneson are clogged with mud and...
CLOSED 2 months ago #21-00036936

Flooding Past at 6800 Airport Blvd

This creek needs to be cleaned of cut branches, trash and debris. It looks as though the city cut the hackberry and brush and just dumped into the creek. The culverts coming off of Airport along the Red Line Trail from Crestview Station...
CLOSED 3 months ago #21-00029190

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