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DSD - Follow-Up at 1520 Rutherford Ln

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OPEN 13 minutes ago #22-00232166

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1411 W 10 Th St

It appears as if the construction at 1415 W. 10th St May have drilled into a water table during their pile driving process. There is concern among the neighbors that this could do damage to the adjacent homes
OPEN 15 minutes ago #22-00232179

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 2006 S 6 Th St

Vehicle is missing auto parts and with a flat tire.
OPEN 16 minutes ago #22-00232151

Loose Dog at 1211 Home Depot Blvd

2 loose dogs with humans. One dog ran at me and my dog, I had to shout at their dog to keep them from attacking my dog. Dogs and humans seem to live in closest apartment community as they went into gate for apartment community
OPEN 18 minutes ago #22-00232170

DSD - Follow-Up at 1411 W 10 Th St

OPEN 18 minutes ago #22-00232169

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 2006 S 6 Th St

Vehicles has a flat tire.
OPEN 19 minutes ago #22-00232145

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 800 W Riverside Dr

Caller states the sign is one the ground with the pole & has a 2 hour parking limit on one sign & then another with no parking at any time.
OPEN Work in Progress. - Completed. Repair/Replace. - 21 minutes ago #22-00231669

Park Grounds Maintenance at 4301 Rosedale Ave

Caller is reporting bathrooms are not cleaned in the men's restroom, no toilet paper in the men or women's bathroom
OPEN 22 minutes ago #22-00232140

Other at 1309 San Bernard St

No recycling pickup for a month. Want to make sure that they pick up next Friday. Trash and compost has been picked up, but not recycling at our house.
OPEN 24 minutes ago #22-00232149

Found Dog (Confined) Pick Up at 1109 S Pleasant Valley Rd

OPEN 28 minutes ago #22-00232123