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Pothole Repair at 7308 W Slaughter Ln

The left lane of the southbound segment of Slaughter Ln (between FM 1826 and Escarpment Blvd) has many potholes in it. The address given is only an approximation. There are several locations with multiple potholes in this short segment of...
CLOSED Completed. Ron,This is that stretch of road that I have been also sending to you. This is a non stop area for just keep patching potholes. Tghis calls for a mill and pave from Overlay dept. - 24 days ago #19-00108516

Pothole Repair at 7100 S Brook Dr

Trench across Road for water line replacement never fixed properly
CLOSED Completed. Utility cut excavation. Needing permanent repair with asphalt mix. (27ft x 18ft) marked w / white paint for 1-call. - 24 days ago #18-00352256

Pothole Repair at 2311 Nueces St

CLOSED Completed - 25 days ago #19-00324836

Pothole Repair at 10781 Manchaca Rd

Glass in roadway and shoulder. Please clean it up for me.
CLOSED Completed - 25 days ago #19-00261895

Pothole Repair at 12321 Pearce Ln

Very rough waves bouncy road
CLOSED 26 days ago #19-00369272

Pothole Repair at 1903 Trevino Dr

Hazardus pavement failure. Next to white egg shaped mail box.
CLOSED 26 days ago #19-00363159

Pothole Repair at Crest Ridge Cir & Balcones Club Dr

Caller advised pothole in street between Balcones Country Club and tennis courts caller offered to show problem area if needed
CLOSED 26 days ago #19-00280859

Pothole Repair at 6607 Southwest Pkwy

east bound potholes betwwen rialto and loop 1. Right lane. hazard
CLOSED Completed. Ron,This is one of the roads that is in also real dire straights and there are pot holes in all areas and is way to dangerous to keep on killing potholes with traffic control for every call. This road needs to be milled and paved desperately. The road also has several waves where as a car can be airborne when traveling at the legal speed limit. - 26 days ago #19-00108567

Pothole Repair at 6926 Burnet Ln

Pothole where Cullen exits east from Burnet Rd.
CLOSED Completed - 27 days ago #19-00368413

Pothole Repair at 5509 War Admiral Dr

Water ponding driveway and curb and gutter
CLOSED 27 days ago #19-00367428

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