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Sidewalk Repair at 10728 CHESTNUT RIDGE RD

CLOSED 26 days ago #17-00287044

Sidewalk Repair at 1801 S 1ST ST

collapsed manhole over storm drain that is part of sidewalk. am assuming this is a known issue since there are CoA pylons in the hole, but it's been like this for some time.
CLOSED 26 days ago #17-00291323

Sidewalk Repair at 12807 SPILLWAY DR

CLOSED Completed. Put bag mix on sidewalk to ramp it and make it safe. - 26 days ago #17-00288321

Sidewalk Repair at DUVAL ST & HARRIS AVE

Caller states the sidewalk form Harris Ave all along Duval all the way to Lee Elementary need to be repaired. Caller states the sidewalks are not consistent and needs to be leveled among other repairs.
CLOSED Completed. MADE SAFE WITH 4 BAGS OF MIX. - 26 days ago #17-00289198

Sidewalk Repair at 6903 MIRA LOMA LN

Temporary fix is now causing a hazard. people are getting stuck in tarring, children are playing in it and caller was informed that permanent fix would be completed a week later and still has not been completed. see SR# 17-00274690

Sidewalk Repair at 6211 OLIVER LOVING TRL

CLOSED Completed. PLACED 1/2 BAG OF MIX ON TRIP HAZARD, MADE SAFE. - 26 days ago #17-00287152

Sidewalk Repair at 1201 Lavaca St

Three large sections of curb are missing and need to be replaced. This is a safety issue for pedestrians and cars.
CLOSED Completed. MADE SIDEWALK SAFE WITH 2 BAGS OF MIX. - 26 days ago #17-00283013

Sidewalk Repair at 210 LEE BARTON DR

CLOSED Completed. Nothing Noticeable wrong with the sidewalk , Sidewalk is safe . picture in attachments . - 26 days ago #17-00286131

Sidewalk Repair at 1307 DUSKY THRUSH TRL

school nearby citizens have to go into the street to walk past that, See SR#204477
CLOSED Completed. made a temp repair with bag mix. - 26 days ago #17-00289879

Sidewalk Repair at 11600 ARBOR DOWNS RD

Please walk along Gatling Gun Lane from the above address, towards Gun Fight Lane - and you will find the broken sidewalk
CLOSED Completed. Temporarily leveled up sidewalk. - 26 days ago #17-00291558

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