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Sign - Parking Maintenance at 7004 ONION CREEK DR

No motorized vehicle parking, in the grass, there were signs that use to be there and caller would like them to be reposted
CLOSED 6 months ago #18-00096805

Sign - Parking Maintenance at E 46TH ST & CONNELLY ST

Austin code reported the issue via email. see attachment photo as a reference on where the no parking sign is located.
CLOSED Completed. reinstalled knocked down no parking tow sign. - 7 months ago #18-00059485

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 1603 S CONGRESS AVE

sign with a blue P sign for parking at the hotel someone backed into
CLOSED Completed. Straighten pole on public prking and arrow. - 7 months ago #18-00059364

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 600 W CESAR CHAVEZ ST

Caller requesting to replace the "No Parking signs located at 614 - 689 block of Cedar Chavez the exact location between driveway of the creek & Nueces st / if need to contact Eddie Flores 512-797-3068 ( includes signage with tow away )
CLOSED Completed - 7 months ago #18-00059424

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 400 N IH 35 SVRD SB

Broken pole
CLOSED 7 months ago #18-00093669

Sign - Parking Maintenance at BURNET LN & MUROC ST

CLOSED Completed. ; Flex Notes; What is the cross street?Muroc StreetWhat type of parking sign?No ParkingParking time limits, if known (ex. M-F, 7-7...).no time limitIs there more than one parking sign on the pole?NoWhat is the problem with the sign?On GroundWhat is the condition of the pole?Lying on the GroundWhat corner or side of the street is the parking sign on?SW CornerAny additional location details (nearest address, landmark, etc).ON THE CORNER OF THE BREAD BASKET FOOD STORE ENTRANCE FROM MUROC STREETreplaced missing np pole and panel. - 7 months ago #18-00048825

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 3808 CHERRYWOOD RD

Handicap loading and unloading.
CLOSED Completed. Handicap loading and unloading; Flex Notes; What type of parking sign?HandicappedWhat is the problem with the sign?ObstructedMobile Apps Reporter Informationapp=iphone;app_ver=;os=iOS;os_ver=11.2.6;model=iPhone 6; Plus;model_id=iPhone7,1;device_id=5a94a705e89678fdae4167e1;registered=02/26/2018; 06:32:05 PMfield check complete. unable to locate assembly as described at stated address. possible private sign or wrong address. - 7 months ago #18-00055220

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 100 SAN JACINTO BLVD

CLOSED Completed. Walk both E/ W curb did not see any sign on ground. - 7 months ago #18-00048449

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 201 W 5TH ST

mid block pay to park sign
CLOSED Completed. Replace pole om n/p-p2p-tow. - 7 months ago #18-00045190

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 321 W 6TH ST

The parking sign has been vandalized.
CLOSED Completed. did not find no sign graffiti. - 7 months ago #18-00039165

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