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Construction Items in ROW at BERKSHIRE DR & BELFAST DR

CLOSED Completed. Good morning,; I received a customer service complaint from 3-1-1 regarding a down construction sign at the intersection of Berkshire Dr and Belfast Dr, it's fallen into the roadway and vehicles are having to drive around it. There is an Austin Water Utilities permit (17-058921) listed for that area and you are listed as the contact for the permit. Could you please advise if you can assist with this and send someone to have the sign removed from the roadway? Thank you; Evelyn Powers. - 3 months ago #17-00138375

Construction Items in ROW at 4301 BANISTER LN

on the side of the street in the weeds and in the man yard and hes concerned about the sign killing his grass and no sands bag
CLOSED Completed. Email AWU to have sign removed...From: Pena, Isabell; Sent: Monday, May 22, 2017 2:45 PM; To: Cancino, Felicia; Subject: Service Request - Banister Ln 4301; Good Afternoon,; We received a service request regarding an "End Work Zone" sign left at 4301 Banister Ln. Citizen is concerned the sign is killing his grass and there are no sandbags. I found an AWU permit (#17-042864) in the area. Please send someone out to remove sign, or advise if this is not your sign. I've attached copies of summary report and permit. Thanks. - 3 months ago #17-00135231

Construction Items in ROW at 101 W 10TH ST

Broken construction detour sign on the ground southwest corner of 10th and congress needs to be to moved. Near Quiznos.
CLOSED Completed. emailed contractor to pick items up. - 3 months ago #17-00135516

Construction Items in ROW at 207 W 18TH ST

2nd request. original SR # 127858 created on 5/16/17 caller states she received email confirmation from the department that the sign will be collected by an inspector & notes in activities indicate this but caller states the sign is sti...
CLOSED Completed. Emailed Citizen...From: Pena, Isabell; Sent: Friday, May 19, 2017 11:23 AM; To:; Subject: 3-1-1 Service Request; Good Morning,; We received your second 3-1-1 service request regarding "Road Work" sign left at 207 W 18th St. The inspector is aware of the situation and is working to get the sign removed. The sign is too large to fit in the inspector's truck, and he is seeking assistance for the removal. There are only four inspector's for the City of Austin, and they are all engaged in the many construction projects throughout Austin. The original request was closed due to duplicate requests. We are trying not to tax the inspectors with multiple inquiries for the same location. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the situation soon remedied; Thank you for your patience. - 3 months ago #17-00131520

Construction Items in ROW at 1801 COLORADO ST

Citizen states in the back of the Bob Bullock museum there has been a construction sign laying in the back of the property that needs to be removed.
CLOSED Completed. Pretty much a duplicate SR. Inspector is already aware of situation. I emailed citizen to let them know signage would be picked up. - 3 months ago #17-00128934

Construction Items in ROW at 520 LIGHTSEY RD

Via Online Feedback 17-00134280 Please come get this sign out of my yard. Thank You I Appreciate it.
CLOSED Completed. will send inspector out tomorrow. (NC). - 3 months ago #17-00134672

Construction Items in ROW at 202 E 6TH ST

Broken construction detour sign in the street on the south east corner of sixth and Brazsos. In front of Buffalo billiards.
CLOSED Completed. emailed contractor to have items picked up,. - 3 months ago #17-00135480

Construction Items in ROW at 712 W 34TH ST

CLOSED Completed. no permits for dumpsters in the ROW. - 3 months ago #17-00136127

Construction Items in ROW at 611 NECHES ST

CLOSED Completed. needs to be routed to APD. - 3 months ago #17-00136165

Construction Items in ROW at 1804 CAPITAL PKWY

Big vehicles and construction material in no parking zone. In the hammerhead and that is for the emergency vehicles to turn around.
CLOSED Completed. Telecom permit in the area. - 3 months ago #17-00136162

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