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DSD - Follow-Up at 3154 E Ben White Blvd Eb

CLOSED Customer Contacted - Email Sent - Close SR. sent password reset email. - 31 minutes ago #22-00295658

Parking Violation at 1301 Neans Dr North Austin Civic Association

More vehicles than licensed drivers. 10+ vehicles stored at or near this house. Occupants are parking their extra vehicles in front of neighboring houses.
CLOSED No Problem Found - Close SR - 31 minutes ago #22-00298248

Parking Violation at 10124 Aspen St North Austin Civic Association

Mobile home trailer stored in a residential neighborhood. Has been there 2 months.
CLOSED No Problem Found - Close SR. Duplicate. - 32 minutes ago #22-00298240

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 1011 Cripple Creek Dr

Black truck has been parked on the lawn, same spot, for over a year, very likely inoperable in some way. Please investigate.
OPEN 33 minutes ago #22-00298233

Other at 524 Congress Ave

Intersection of 6th Street and Congress. Six street needing crosswalk markings.
OPEN 35 minutes ago #22-00298241

Parking Violation at 1113 E 10 Th St

CLOSED Cite Vehicle(s)-Close SR. Placed a 72 hour warning on RV. - 36 minutes ago #22-00298086

School Zone Flasher - Maintenance at 500 Mairo St

OPEN Already Reported. - 36 minutes ago #22-00298221

Food Complaint at 5708 Pinon Vista Dr

OPEN 36 minutes ago #22-00298225

Found Dog (Confined) Pick Up at 9120 Northgate Blvd 1201

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A22-136406, Results:Call ahead; 2 MADE CONTACT; 1 IMPOUND; 1 RETURNED TO OWNER;. - 38 minutes ago #22-00293654

Water Conservation Violation at 1304 Meriden Ln

OPEN 39 minutes ago #22-00298215

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