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Sign - New at 9006 Lodge Ct

Corner of Lodge CT and Colony Creek Drive
OPEN Completed - 11 days ago #19-00421627

Sign - New at 8208 N Mopac Expy Svrd Sb

Needs a turn around.
CLOSED Completed - 14 days ago #19-00419009

Sign - New at Davis Ln Austin Travis County

At the exit of Mopac on Davis; there is a Stop Sign for those turning left onto Davis. It is apparently confusing to folks who are turning right and actually have a yield sign. Some people slam on their brakes and people behind aren't e...
OPEN Completed - 15 days ago #19-00419189

Sign - New at 13704 Hymeadow Cir

Hymeadow Pass @ Hymeadow, gas line sign
CLOSED Completed - 15 days ago #19-00417075

Sign - New at 5200 Davis Ln

Traffic exiting S. bound MoPac onto W. Bound Davis lane have a protected right turn, with turning lane and no stop sign. However, the stop sign placed for traffic turning left, to go east on Davis Lane have a stop sign which says "All-...
OPEN Completed - 15 days ago #19-00418538

Sign - New at 102 Trinity St

Bus stop
CLOSED Completed - 15 days ago #19-00418181

Sign - New at 3326 Paisano Trl

Needs school zone speed sign. There are parents & kids crossing Paisano to go to Mariposa Montessori School & people speed down this street making it dangerous for families.
CLOSED Completed - 16 days ago #19-00402218

Sign - New at 7207 Forest Wood Rd

Speeding is a huge problem on Forest Wood. Someone just redlined their Charger in front of my house doing at least 60+ in a 25mph zone. No one follows the speed limit because this is a residential street and they know there's never any po...
OPEN Completed - 18 days ago #19-00413751

Sign - New at 500 Shady Ln

OPEN Completed - 21 days ago #19-00411116

Sign - New at 3809 S 2 Nd St

Truck made illegal turn and knocked sign down.
OPEN Completed - 22 days ago #19-00409939

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