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Sidewalk Repair at 7705 SPRINGDALE RD

Debris in road and may be need some road repair
CLOSED Completed. Crew responded and drove the street and walked the side walk and did not find the problem. Area safe. - 1 day ago #18-00348367

Sidewalk Repair at 12322 DANNY DR

received via 311 mobile app. Man hole is located on sidewalk sidewalk is broken. (311 notified AWU about manhole issue; please address the broken sidewalk.)
CLOSED Completed. went to location there are about 20 feet of damage sidewalk due to roots from tree coming for underneath, we use 1 bag of cold mix to make it safe. - 1 day ago #18-00348288

Sidewalk Repair at 705 NORTH BLUFF DR

I just moved onto North Bluff Dr into a development there. There are several apartments and condo communities on this street. I believe in the past it was not so densely inhabited. At rush hour and in general there is a ton of cut through...
OPEN 1 day ago #18-00348791

Sidewalk Repair at 4509 BULL CREEK RD

APD reported Sidewalk is completely damaged due to a collision. Please respond
CLOSED Completed. no problem found. - 2 days ago #18-00348182

Sidewalk Repair at 11501 SANDY LOAM TRL

its the wall that's right next to side walk. the city went out there and put up the sound barrier wall . on 11503 sandy loam trail is starting to fall
CLOSED Completed. add cold mix on sunk sidewalk between 11500 and 11502 , no sidewalk found on 11501 lot is empty also left door tags .. - 2 days ago #18-00107716

Sidewalk Repair at 524 CONGRESS AVE

received via mobile app, picture attached: Nail sticking out A pedestrian almost trip and fell on the south west corner 6 and Congress next to trash can
CLOSED Completed. crew went to location, no problem found. - 3 days ago #18-00259297

Sidewalk Repair at 1600 NASH HERNANDEZ SR RD

received via mobile app, citizen had sr 16-00079524 submitted on 4/7 with notes stating no problem found. This is the 3rd request submitted per citizen, stating that the sidewalk needs someone to come out and pressure wash and scrape it...
CLOSED 3 days ago #16-00216379

Sidewalk Repair at 719 E 6TH ST

Birck pavers mising from the side walk . Trip hazard
CLOSED 3 days ago #16-00216267

Sidewalk Repair at 2530-2598 Pecos Street Austin

Dangerous sidewalk due to pipe drainage
CLOSED 3 days ago #16-00215936

Sidewalk Repair at 1002 SPRINGDALE RD

Find sidewalk
CLOSED 3 days ago #16-00213178

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