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Flooding Past at 6203 AVERY ISLAND AVE

The caller states that when it rains, the water running down the street, the water comes up between the street and the sidewalk, which washes out the area. There is something wrong with the drainage. The water flows above the curb.
CLOSED Completed. Information has been documented for WED regarding yard flooding. I've contacted the citizen and left a voicemail. There is no planned for WPD FOD at this time. - 19 days ago #18-00089767

Flooding Past at 7008 FIREOAK DR

water builds up from the driveway and across the yard
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Street and Bridge not; a flooding issue. Overlay is underway as i Type. Citizen would like to; be contacted by street and bridge no work is planned at this time for; WPD FOD. - 20 days ago #18-00064900

Flooding Past at 8802 HONEYSUCKLE TRL, AUSTIN, 78759

flooding from past storm in late August flooded caller's yard. The water had flooded to her ankles & is causing mosquitos. can contact citizen with any questions. Honeysuckle Trail is new subdivision but flood issue is near Cima serena
CLOSED Completed. Investigated and this will be a site to site issue. WPD does not have a drainage easement behind this location and no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. Left a message for citizen. - 21 days ago #17-00282686

Flooding Past at 1400 E 4TH ST

CLOSED Completed. joe torrez responded to call and uncovered a grate to allow water to drain. also had vactor clean field inlet across street. - 22 days ago #18-00093422

Flooding Past at 1110 DELANO ST

CLOSED 23 days ago #18-00059665

Flooding Past at 4507 E MARTIN LUTHER KING JR BLVD

PVC pipes in slab of new building is channeling water on to caller's property.
CLOSED Completed. Erlinda, please forward this to EV Inspections. Area is still under construction. The large retaining wall has pvc pipe that channels any storm water towards the property adjacent causing flooding. Photos are on the attachment. - 23 days ago #18-00088928

Flooding Past at 8300 BURLESON RD

The whole west bound lane at the intersection floods every time it rains hard. Been this way for years. There are no ditches near the intersection to collect the rain water. I'm surprised it's never been addressed before
CLOSED Completed. Storm water accumulates at the intersection of Burleson Rd. @ 183 traveling westbound . Water pools and is unable to drain towards the ditch. Erlinda, please forward this to Street and Bridge. - 23 days ago #18-00088143

Flooding Past at 2800 DEL CURTO RD

Construction site runoff/mud/debris creating driving/walking hazard
CLOSED 23 days ago #18-00089037

Flooding Past at 5802 LARK CREEK DR

Caller's yard collapsed due the flood. The caller is requesting drainage come out and fill the hole again. The caller has covered the pipe with sand and rocks. The hole is covered with a blue tarp.
CLOSED Completed. Routed to Tyra @ AWU per Chris Meyer. - 24 days ago #17-00255504

Flooding Past at 2217 PARK BEND DR

Bridge covered in debris on walking trail
CLOSED Completed. Went to location. Bridge was being cleared by PARD during investigation. No work for WPD FOD at this time. No contact information available. - 26 days ago #18-00089004

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