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Flooding Past at 9010 HUNTERS TRCE

CLOSED Completed. Information has been sent to WED regarding erosion issues causing damage to retaining wall. At this current time there is no work for WPD FOD. The citizen has been contacted. I'll reach out to the citizen once I get a reply back from WED. - about 1 month ago #18-00146704

Flooding Past at 6211 PARKWOOD DR

Citizens report that the Gaines Tributary of Barton Creek from this address to Southwest Parkway contains trash, debris and possibly has been filled in, causing flooding. Please inspect this reach of creek.
CLOSED Completed. A site meeting has been set up with Engineer John Middleton and Rupali Sabnis on 11/21/17. There is a CIP project that will take place in 2020. - about 1 month ago #17-00342015

Flooding Past at 709 BLACKSON AVE

Next door Volvo is building a lot next door. The ditch filled and the water almost entered her home. She believes it is because of the construction. Agent also entered a SR for drainage ditch.
CLOSED Completed. I spoke to the citizen on-site and she stated she received 3' of water on the side of her yard. She thinks it because of the construction site next door. Construction run-off caused inlet to clog and cause flooding. The citizen stated the construction manager spent 4 hours clearing out grated inlet. Area was clear during investigation. The citizen requested for the construction site to be inspected and is expecting a call-back from EV Inspections. Information has been documented regarding flooding. No work is planned for WPD FOD at this time.Erlinda, please forward this to EV Inspections. - about 1 month ago #18-00134811

Flooding Past at 1800 W 34TH ST

PLEASE call the caller before arriving. His home is being flooded from his neighbor's behind him- when it rains. All the gravel goes into the street. Those homes are all slopped towards the caller's home. The info from the Survey's s...
CLOSED Completed. Pam,; We investigated and contacted the citizen on 5/16/2018; Citizen wanted to document yard flooding at this address from commercial; property to residential. He has contacted 311, code compliance, and Kelly; Strickler. The elevations from commercial property to his property are about; 3ft higher in grade. He would like this documented for future zoning because; further development could impact his property. He would like our department as; a whole to make sure we review any new development for proper drainage review; When this neighborhood was put in, there was an alley, which may have; alleviated some of the drainage issues. My findings align with the citizens; concerns; G:\WatershedEngineering\IFolders\34th_W_1800_SR18-00114484; Thanks,; Frankie;. - about 1 month ago #18-00114484

Flooding Past at 6700 LANGSTON DR

Little Walnut Creek at the Loyola bridge has piles of old lumber and other debris. Including approx. a 20 foot length of
CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket #18-182210 has been created for north crews to remove debris and construction netting inside the drainage easement. - about 1 month ago #18-00139726

Flooding Past at 1110 W 6TH ST

CLOSED Completed. Routed to J.R. @ AWU. - about 1 month ago #18-00107785

Flooding Past at 1612 SKI SLOPE DR

CLOSED Completed. Erlinda, please forward this to Travis County.This area is not in COA jurisdiction. Thank you. - about 1 month ago #18-00105396

Flooding Past at 2928 E 13TH ST

CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Code this is a site to site issue. No drainage easement and no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - about 1 month ago #18-00105284

Flooding Past at 5666 NUCKOLS CROSSING RD

Drainage ditches clogged from debris on both sides
CLOSED Completed. maximo work ticket # 17-157270 is on the work list to open waterway south crew to clear bar bitch. - about 1 month ago #18-00132601

Flooding Past at 3004 S 5TH ST

OPEN Work in Progress. - about 1 month ago #18-00135151

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