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Sign - Parking Maintenance at 1011 W 11TH ST

CLOSED Completed. Reinstalled customer zone and tow plaque on new sleeve,Also removed old round poll fill with concrete . - 12 days ago #18-00053656

Sign - Parking Maintenance at WEST AVE & W 34TH ST

Arrow added to sign with paint.
CLOSED Completed. Straighten 3 no parking signs,one stop sign and clean graffiti from stop sign,also clean a bike rout sign with stickers.Also add missing arrow to no parking sign and straighten poll on no parking 8-5 signs all of this work was in the same area. - 13 days ago #18-00104699

Sign - Parking Maintenance at W 34TH ST & KING ST

on king st north of 34th st
CLOSED Completed. Installed no parking sign with sleeve and poll 40 feet from 34st east curve double arrow,location needs dot. - 15 days ago #18-00102357

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 1110 BARTON SPRINGS RD

across the street from art center 20ft away from corner
CLOSED Completed. reinstall public parking sign. - 15 days ago #18-00101736

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 113 E 5TH ST

CLOSED Completed. Sign was knock down,Reinstalled no parking,pay to park and tow blade on new poll. - 16 days ago #18-00101181

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 514 SAN JACINTO BLVD

Sign off pole
CLOSED Completed. Need one sign made musician unloading and no parking and a 30m commercial parking. Also on the east end of the alley found musician unloading and 30m commercial parking with tow blade. - 16 days ago #18-00099510

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 9420 RESEARCH BLVD SVRD SB

@ intersection of Jollyville Rd & Mesa: Curbside parking on Mesa completely blocks vision of oncoming traffic for those on Mesa pulling out and turning left onto Jollyville Rd. - I literally have to pull out and stop in the middle of th...
CLOSED 20 days ago #18-00097064

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 1601 GUADALUPE ST

CLOSED Completed. Search area cars where blocking sign,found it laying down,replace poll and reinstalled sign. - 21 days ago #18-00096747

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 7004 ONION CREEK DR

No motorized vehicle parking, in the grass, there were signs that use to be there and caller would like them to be reposted
CLOSED 21 days ago #18-00096805

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 813 E 8TH ST

we had put in a call about 4 weeks ago that the signs were leaning and about to fall. during SXSW someone stole one that had been pulled down.
CLOSED 21 days ago #18-00094092

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