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Loose Dog at 11632 Parkfield Dr

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-033318, Results:GB - BRN DOG LOOSE; 1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 4 days ago #19-00399325

Loose Dog at 12315 Yarmont Way

Male Chihuahua mix. Scared but not aggressive.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-033390, Results:GB - SKITTISH TAN/WHT CHI; 1 UNABLE TO LOCATE;. - 5 days ago #19-00400176

Loose Dog at 11966 N Mopac Expy Svrd Sb

Just almost saw a long haired white chihuahua or Pomeranian mix with a blue name tag get hit by a car on the freeway (an hr ago now) He jumped into the green and traveled towards the service road by Duval Road and Mesa Verde apartments un...
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-033360, Results:CALLER NO LONGER KNOWS WHERE THIS DOG IS; 1 MADE CONTACT; 1 EDUCATED SOMEONE;. - 5 days ago #19-00399953

Loose Dog at 511 Deep Eddy Ave

In callers garage PLEASE CALL
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-033324, Results:OWNER FOUND, CALLER DELIVERED; 1 MADE CONTACT; 1 RESOLVED;. - 5 days ago #19-00399486

Loose Dog at 2000 Encino Cir

This is a brown pit bull mix that looks like it is nursing. It belongs to the people at 2000 Encino Circle. Their fence is only half finished, but they let the dog out and it roams all over the neighborhood. No control. It barks at people...
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-033160, Results:1 MADE CONTACT; 1 RETURNED TO OWNER; 1 ISSUED WARNING; 1 FENCING REFERRAL; 2 NOTICE LEFT;. - 6 days ago #19-00397410

Loose Dog at 3404 Braun Way

Yellow lab, blue eyes
CLOSED Already Reported. - 6 days ago #19-00398089

Loose Dog at 2106 Klattenhoff Dr

the small brown one is the one that attacked her dog. They are heading towards Yellow Leaf Trail and Wells Port Dr.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-033192, Results:KATHERINE FLEISCHER PARK; 2 UNABLE TO LOCATE;. - 6 days ago #19-00398040

Loose Dog at Hemlock Ave & E 34 Th St

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-033178, Results:1 UNABLE TO LOCATE;. - 6 days ago #19-00397872

Loose Dog at 4400 Franklin Park Dr

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-033189, Results:1 UNABLE TO LOCATE;. - 6 days ago #19-00397967

Loose Dog at 5000 Pepper Ln

Loose brown dog running around. Was in the parking lot of the Citgo gas station on corner Teri Rd and Friedrich Ln.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-032880, Results:1 UNABLE TO LOCATE;. - 7 days ago #19-00394512

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