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Water Waste Report at 9202 QUAIL CV

Vacant house has hose end sprinkler constantly running in back yard for days now. Sometimes sprinkler running in front yard also.
OPEN about 12 hours ago #18-00268813

Loose Dog at 6005 MERRIWOOD DR

2 loose dogs. One small brown Weiner dog with a collar. And a small (but bigger than the brown one) white fluffy poodle ish dog with a collar and tag. Was driving by. Didn't get photos or read tag. About 7:40 am.
OPEN about 13 hours ago #18-00268788

Loud Commercial Music at 1626 Barton Springs Rd

Trash is being picked up regularly on Mondays at 4:30AM for businesses whose trash dumpsters are located between Barton Springs Road and Toomey Road. This is unacceptable and violates the city noise ordinance.
OPEN about 13 hours ago #18-00268765

Park Grounds Maintenance at 2714 WEBBERVILLE RD

Parking lot lights not working.
OPEN about 14 hours ago #18-00268731

Dead Animal Collection at 103 W Braker Ln North Austin

Dead armadillo. Has been there for a couple of days. Rotting. Strong stench.
OPEN about 17 hours ago #18-00268705

Loud Commercial Music at 411 E 6TH ST

Thudding music in excess of 85 db
OPEN about 19 hours ago #18-00268693

Water Waste Report at 1424 BARBARA JORDAN BLVD

Water runs from sprinklers on center median at Barbara Jordan and mueller blvd. every single day. For months.
OPEN about 22 hours ago #18-00268645

Pothole Repair at 5822 S IH 35 SVRD SB

Un even road from cut road
OPEN 1 day ago #18-00268501

Sign - New at W DITTMAR RD & S 1ST ST

Citzen states there is not speed limit sign for the first two blocks headed West on Dittmar please investigate and see if signage is needed.
OPEN Completed - 1 day ago #18-00268129

Loose Dog at 1600 GLENVALLEY DR

OPEN 1 day ago #18-00268310

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