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Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 800 W Riverside Dr

Caller states the sign is one the ground with the pole & has a 2 hour parking limit on one sign & then another with no parking at any time.
OPEN Work in Progress. - Completed. Repair/Replace. - 42 minutes ago #22-00231669

Park Grounds Maintenance at 4301 Rosedale Ave

Caller is reporting bathrooms are not cleaned in the men's restroom, no toilet paper in the men or women's bathroom
OPEN 43 minutes ago #22-00232140

Other at 1309 San Bernard St

No recycling pickup for a month. Want to make sure that they pick up next Friday. Trash and compost has been picked up, but not recycling at our house.
OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00232149

Found Dog (Confined) Pick Up at 1109 S Pleasant Valley Rd

OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00232123

Pothole Repair at Escarpment Blvd & La Crosse Ave

OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00232118

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 1200 Marcy St

abandoned vehicle
OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00232114

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 1124 Shady Ln

Two trucks (one being looted it looks like today) White Truck and Red Truck left for about a week by the Trailhead apartments (very end near bend in road)
OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00232106

Dead Animal Collection at 2615 Berkett Dr

Caller is requesting a dead animal pick-up. Caller has placed dead Opossum in a bag and place it on the curb.
OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00232095

Loose Dog at 18709 Great Falls Dr

1 white and 1 all black, 1 with pink collar
OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00232110

Parking Violation at 2618 E 4 Th St

Homeless people eft it there for weeks and is construction zone. Need to get the vehicle towed unable to get heavy equipment on the property because the vehicle is parked in front of the lot.
OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00232089