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Food Complaint at 15835 Foothill Farms Loop, Pflugerville

CLOSED Referred to 311 for Further Review- Close SR. Refer back to 311. Compliant falls under Pflugerville jurisdiction. - 44 minutes ago #23-00174010

Traffic Sign New at Enfield Rd & Exposition Blvd

new sign needed at this intersection the arrrows on the signs do not match the arrows on the street caller requesting a callback because he feels it is a public safety issue and needs to be addressed sooner
CLOSED Field Inspection Conducted - Close SR. 3/30/23 - Field Investigation - The lane assignment signs match the pavement markings. Talked with Ryan Amburgey and he mentioned it was corrected already. No further action required at this time. - about 1 hour ago #23-00168173

Austin Resource Recovery - Property Damage Report at 1706 Barbara St

OPEN about 1 hour ago #23-00175551

School Zone Flasher - Maintenance at 7912 Burrell Dr

School Sign is directly across from address. Sign is leaning at a 60 degree angle and wires are holding it up
OPEN Work in Progress. - Completed. Complete Repairs. - about 1 hour ago #23-00169661

Shared Micromobility at 102 Nellie St

Knocked over bird
OPEN about 1 hour ago #23-00175562

Parking Violation at 1600 Scenic Dr

Blue truck with boat and trailer have been at this location for at least a month. Told parking attendant. He wrote ticket 2 weeks ago. Still sitting. Paper plates on truck.
CLOSED Cite Vehicle(s)-Close SR - about 1 hour ago #23-00175241

Concerns in Right of Way at 333 Radam Ln

OPEN about 1 hour ago #23-00175548

Concerns in Right of Way at Cherrywood Rd & Manor Rd

workers not directing traffic and no lights on work truck blocking lane
OPEN about 1 hour ago #23-00175553

Parking Violation at 105 W 20 Th St

Multiple cars parked illegally
CLOSED Cite Vehicle(s)-Close SR. Cited 2 vehicles. - about 1 hour ago #23-00175452

Sidewalk Repair at 5716 Meadow Crest

Hazardous sidewalk gap
CLOSED Completed. Class: WORKORDER Created By: CONSTANCIORO Log Type: WORK Summary: Sidewalk Repair / sinking / cracked / 5716 MEADOW CREST Details Sidewalk located in resident's driveway. Sidewalk cracked from the middle of the drive all the way to the curb. See picture. - about 1 hour ago #23-00174752

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