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Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at ABELIA DR & ARROWWOOD DR

Tan BMW has been parked/abandoned on the street of Arrowwood Dr@Abelia Dr for 2 weeks. The vehicle is parked 6 feet from a fire hydrant and appears to be inoperable/abandoned. Please have it removed.
OPEN about 5 hours ago #19-00236129

Dead Animal Collection at 5117 E CESAR CHAVEZ ST

Dead cat is in a bag that is at the curb.
OPEN about 5 hours ago #19-00236125

Loose Dog at 6105 FRIENDSWOOD DR

OPEN about 5 hours ago #19-00236116

Construction Items in ROW at 111 NUECES ST

Send me an email contact me I have video footage of how dangerous this is someone will get hurt if this isn't corrected It's a new construction site that needs urgent attention they aren't using water trucks to hose down the trail dust
OPEN Completed. Requesting follow up from right of way inspector to this location. - about 5 hours ago #19-00229732

Graffiti Removal at 2105 SAN ANTONIO ST

New Graffiti; Unclear if we are responsible for cleaning this up or if City of Austin will do so, but I was encouraged to report this
OPEN Already Reported. - about 5 hours ago #19-00236115

Pothole Repair at 10416 BURLESON RD

Large gap in height from the end of bridge to the road
OPEN about 5 hours ago #19-00236121

Water Waste Report at 2105 SAN ANTONIO ST

No pictures provided by our night guards, just comments in their nightly report.
OPEN about 5 hours ago #19-00236105

Park Grounds Maintenance at 2715 LYNNBROOK DR

caller stated that his dog almost got attacked by a rattle snake. caller stated that two rattle snakes were already killed.
OPEN about 5 hours ago #19-00236102

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 2407 W SLAUGHTER LN

OPEN about 5 hours ago #19-00236087


OPEN about 5 hours ago #19-00236091

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