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Sign - New at 3417 PALM WAY

This intersection needs more prominent right turn only
CLOSED Completed - about 14 hours ago #18-00189926

Sign - New at 4527 N LAMAR BLVD

U-Turn sign was installed facing in the wrong direction. Request call/conversation with traffic engineer, as this is 3rd attempt to have the sign properly installed at this intersection. The first (new sign) request resulted in it being i...
OPEN Completed - about 15 hours ago #18-00190007

Sign - New at 4211 S LAMAR BLVD NB

This lane turns left there is literally zero signs that tell you that zero. Maybe for Carlings before there's an arrow on the ground but if there's traffic you're not going to see it - what the heck where is the friggin signs? You must wa...
OPEN Completed - about 15 hours ago #18-00189496


Turning onto parkfield from woodfield waiting to go left or right blind spot is on right side. about a 20 ft section would help to have a no parking sign installed right there.
OPEN Completed - about 15 hours ago #18-00189084

Sign - New at 1212 CHICON ST

OPEN Completed. Left message for citizen letting them know we received their request and will assign to an engineering tech that will contact them within 10 days. If they have not been contacted within 10 business days, I advised them to call 311 so they can check the status and be provided the assigned to staff name and contact info. - about 15 hours ago #18-00189060

Sign - New at 1301 CHICON ST

OPEN Completed - about 15 hours ago #18-00189059

Sign - New at 10701 S 1ST ST

Caller said that there two bridges and that is where the signs need to be put back. Caller said that the bridges are just north of the high school. Caller said that they don't like to see the deer hit and dead in the road.
OPEN Completed - about 15 hours ago #18-00189024


Caller wants to request a four way stop sign at intersection provide. Caller says there is a two way stop but needs to be a four way stop sign there to prevent accidents.
CLOSED Completed - about 19 hours ago #18-00102562


forwarded from sign shop: Citizen is requesting a new stop sign so this needs to be re entered as a sign new. There has never been a stop at this location.
OPEN Completed - about 19 hours ago #18-00188714

Sign - New at 816 W 15TH ST

At no point on west bound 15th street is there a directional sign indicating the exit takes you to north and southbound Lamar Blvd.
CLOSED Completed - about 20 hours ago #18-00098513

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