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Sign - New at 6009 Southwest Pkwy

Issue with traffic light at intersection of Southwest Parkway and Foster Ranch Rd. Turn left yield "yellow" light not enabled, when turning left from southwest parkway (east bound) onto Foster Ranch Rd
CLOSED Completed - about 3 hours ago #20-00218844

Sign - New at 11314 N Mopac Expy Svrd Sb

Electric warning light for turnaround under Mopac damaged and missing.
CLOSED Completed - about 5 hours ago #20-00217101

Sign - New at 6522 Champion Grandview Way

Missing stop sign on Champion Grandview Way at Capitals of Texas Hwy intersection. Car accident destroyed sign and pole.
CLOSED Completed - 1 day ago #20-00217113

Sign - New at 10310 Old Manchaca Rd

New sign needed for Gail rd and old manchaca rd intersection
CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #20-00214530

Sign - New at 1304 Monica St

Stop sign needed
CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #20-00186336

Sign - New at 3905 Kandy Dr

Street light is out. Light is also covered light.
CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #20-00213196

Sign - New at 8300 Elander Dr

Missing stop or yield
CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #20-00208116

Sign - New at 911 W 22 Nd St

No parking on south side of street sign needs to be replaced now that construction and sidewalk is complete. Cars parking along curb block 2 way traffic on W 22nd street. The rest of the street has no parking signs along south half.
OPEN Completed - 2 days ago #20-00215142

Sign - New at 1823 Crossing Pl

Request for speed limit sign
CLOSED Completed - 6 days ago #20-00202026

Sign - New at 4505 Elmont Dr

Request for a stop sign at Elmont/Wickersham for the right turn onto Wickersham
CLOSED Completed - 7 days ago #20-00202033

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