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Sign - New at 4104 Vaughan St

Need for Crosswalk
OPEN Completed - about 16 hours ago #20-00026543

Sign - New at 3505 W 35 Th St

OPEN Completed - 5 days ago #20-00021267

Sign - New at 2215 E 8 Th St

**Received via Austin 311 Email** Citizen requesting a "Church" warning sign be placed at the provided address (New Lincoln Missionary Baptist Church).
OPEN Completed - 5 days ago #20-00021071

Sign - New at 1700 Smith Rd

OPEN Completed - 6 days ago #20-00020850

Sign - New at 524 San Marcos St

We need marked crosswalks on E 6th at, say, San Marcos and Navasota. I was almost hit again crossing 6th, this time by someone in an orange CoA truck. Last time I requested crosswalks I was told engineering would contact me in ten days or...
OPEN Completed - 16 days ago #20-00007904

Sign - New at 2201 Aldrich St

If the city refuses to make it a 4-way stop for pedestrian safety, it at least needs to paint a crosswalk and put in a yield to peds sign. There's a park/playground and a school on this block.
OPEN Completed - 17 days ago #20-00005321

Sign - New at 2809 Cornish Cir

Pedestrian crossing in median. A pedestrian crossing sign is needed where the new sidewalk was installed.
OPEN Completed - 20 days ago #20-00002610

Sign - New at 2201 Robert Browning St

Speeding traffic.
OPEN Completed - 21 days ago #20-00001009

Sign - New at 2200 Mc Bee St Mueller

No Parking at bump-out on south side McBee, 2200 block
OPEN Completed - 21 days ago #20-00000413

Sign - New at 2400 Philomena St

Neef no parking sign at bumpout
OPEN Completed - 22 days ago #19-00492398

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