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Other at 11700 Dionda Ln

Noise complaints
OPEN about 1 hour ago #21-00433419

Other at 6700 Trissino Dr

Swimming pool pump at Circle C Avana pool is making very loud humming noise non-stop, especially at night. Very disturbing to nearby houses. Please address this issue.
OPEN about 2 hours ago #21-00433401

Other at 1300 Philomena St

APD SUV 5506 nearly ran me over my bicycle
OPEN about 3 hours ago #21-00433378

Other at 2810 Wooldridge Dr

Dog continuous barking at night.
OPEN about 4 hours ago #21-00433343

Other at 502 San Jacinto Blvd

Street lamps out along south side of 5th between San Jacinto & Brazos
OPEN about 5 hours ago #21-00433305

Other at 1324 Wooten Dr

Bottleneck on Wooten Dr
OPEN about 5 hours ago #21-00433282

Other at 10632 Research Blvd Sb

Homeless encampment needs to be cleaned up and removed
OPEN about 7 hours ago #21-00433164

Other at 12304 Hunters Chase Dr

The Hunters Chase Apartments
OPEN about 8 hours ago #21-00433038

Other at 1304 S Mopac Expy Svrd Sb

Light timing
OPEN about 9 hours ago #21-00432902

Other at 7305 Lamplight Ln

Debris in bike lane on chimney corners
OPEN about 10 hours ago #21-00432867

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