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Pothole Repair at METRIC BLVD & FOAL LN

On the right lane while going south.
CLOSED Completed. Not a pothole its a low water Valve . Pictures in attachments. - 15 minutes ago #19-00236543

Pothole Repair at CASEY ST & GILLIS ST

at intersection
CLOSED about 2 hours ago #19-00236497

Pothole Repair at E ST JOHNS AVE & W ST JOHNS AVE

20 feet from intersection going towards lamar
CLOSED Completed. pic is in my email. - about 14 hours ago #18-00437662

Pothole Repair at 217 E 8TH ST

CLOSED Completed. crew went to location and pot hole was already filled with temp patch cold mix .. ( NO PROBLEM FOUND ). - about 14 hours ago #18-00434928

Pothole Repair at 8465 SOUTHWEST PKWY

Growing pothole at crest of hill
CLOSED Completed. temporarily repair pothole. - about 20 hours ago #19-00235418

Pothole Repair at 5400 BURNET RD

Pothole is in front of a gutter where the gutter divots in
CLOSED Completed. Nothing found closing wo. - about 20 hours ago #19-00235419

Pothole Repair at 10203 OLD MANCHACA RD

Pothole needs repair
CLOSED Completed. temporarily repair pothole using 3 bags of coldmix, pavement is failing ,about 30 x 5 feet needs repair,. - about 24 hours ago #19-00235115

Pothole Repair at 323 W WILLIAM CANNON DR

Pothole recurring in center lane of eastbound wm cannon
CLOSED Completed. temporarily patch pothole using 1 bag of coldmix. - 1 day ago #19-00234333

Pothole Repair at 6706 CIRCLE S RD

Pothole forming
CLOSED Completed. temporarily patch potholes. - 1 day ago #19-00234321

Pothole Repair at 6606 CIRCLE S RD

Pothole in southbound lane of circle s at wm cannon intersection
CLOSED Completed. repair pot hole with 3 bag mix. - 1 day ago #19-00234332

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