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Pothole Repair at 7621 Rockpoint Dr Northwest Hills Northwest Oaks

Last year sometime, unitilies did some digging in front of our house. The street repair has started to break apart and a pothole has formed.
OPEN 15 minutes ago #19-00236697

Pothole Repair at 700 RIO GRANDE ST

Road is cracking and is getting deeper each day.
OPEN Already Reported. - about 1 hour ago #19-00236616

Pothole Repair at 700 RIO GRANDE ST

Deep pothole in the middle of the street causing vehicles to move over into the oncoming traffic lane. Also, the street has a deep dip in the same area that may have been the cause of this. Thanks!
OPEN about 1 hour ago #19-00236610

Pothole Repair at 10416 BURLESON RD

Large gap in height from the end of bridge to the road
OPEN about 6 hours ago #19-00236121

Pothole Repair at 6208 CAMERON RD

It looks like the sidewalk will collapse in itself.
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 24 hours ago #19-00235335

Pothole Repair at 2705 WHITIS AVE

Gigantic crater on east side of road. There is another just a few feet north.
OPEN 2 days ago #19-00234360

Pothole Repair at 2633 BOLTON ST

Caller says its sunken enough to do damage to a vehicle if driven over
OPEN 3 days ago #19-00232601


multiple potholes curbside and middle of road at that intersection. recurring issue for this same spot.
OPEN Completed. Put two bags of cold mix.Needs to be cut and surfaced replaced. - 4 days ago #19-00230809

Pothole Repair at 522 W WILLIAM CANNON DR

Pot hole on 35 southbound right after William cannon before the 70 mph speed limit sign. In the far left lane (fast lane)
OPEN Work in Progress. - 5 days ago #19-00228506

Pothole Repair at 5947 CAPE CORAL DR

Payment failure right at the intersection
OPEN 7 days ago #19-00226162

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