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Sidewalk Repair at 507 PRESSLER ST

There is an abandoned red bicycle on the sidewalk at this address on Pressler. It has been there for many months.
CLOSED Completed. CREW MOVED SCOOTERS OUT OF ROW NO HAZARD. - about 2 hours ago #19-00063366

Sidewalk Repair at 402 W 12TH ST

OPEN about 2 hours ago #19-00064490

Sidewalk Repair at 6021 BOYCE LN

On Kelton & Boyce ln, the manhole is beginning to sink and caller wants to have this inspected, but at address above is where the sidewalk beginning to sink
CLOSED Completed. crew investigated and no hazard was found. - about 3 hours ago #19-00063340

Sidewalk Repair at 311 HICKOK CT

Truck parked on sideway again
CLOSED about 9 hours ago #19-00063755

Sidewalk Repair at 2832 SHOAL CREST AVE

CLOSED Completed. Class: WORKORDER; Created By: GONZALEZART; Log Type: WORK; Summary: WO CLEAN UP; Details; Administratively closed out per Rittermk. - about 11 hours ago #16-00035543

Sidewalk Repair at 2832 SHOAL CREST AVE

I filed a service request on February 17 2016 confirmation number 16-00035543. I checked the status today and its still one with no status update.
CLOSED Already Reported. - about 11 hours ago #16-00051905

Sidewalk Repair at 400 COLORADO ST

Broken bricks out of place
OPEN Already Reported. - 1 day ago #19-00062444

Sidewalk Repair at JONES RD & TAHOE TRL

the sidewalk by a stop sign at the curb its all cracked up and the opposite side is the sidewalk and the curb elderly people in the area and they walk there
CLOSED Completed. This is a duplicate call. See 18-327802. - 1 day ago #18-00277801

Sidewalk Repair at 3007 WHITE ROCK DR

CLOSED Completed. raised sidewalk due to tree roots growing underneath sidewalk, bag mix previously placed on edges. Unable to do anything to fix current issue. Sidewalk requiring excavation & reconstruction with concrete. (15' x 4' x 4"). - 1 day ago #18-00277517

Sidewalk Repair at 2712 CHARLESWORTH DR

sidewalk has dropped down about a foot on one side & 8-9in on the other, & its near a waterline--they only put a asphalt patch
CLOSED Completed. CREW RESPONSED AND MADE SAFE, NOT A UTILITY WO # 18-323766. - 1 day ago #18-00277053

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