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Sidewalk Repair at 10233 PINEHURST DR

OPEN about 1 hour ago #19-00236551

Sidewalk Repair at 8201 CROFTWOOD DR

OPEN about 6 hours ago #19-00236009

Sidewalk Repair at 1900 KEY WEST CV

Curb sinks in to the grass. Needs to be fixed for pedestrian safety.
OPEN about 22 hours ago #19-00235513

Sidewalk Repair at 704 W 2ND ST

OPEN 2 days ago #19-00234456

Sidewalk Repair at 307 E APPLEGATE DR

Why do we not have any sidewalks on this street. Can we make this a priority. So many people walk around here. Its dangerous.
OPEN 3 days ago #19-00233554

Sidewalk Repair at 2910 W WILLIAM CANNON DR

Overgrown weeds and debris on the sidewalk. Low hanging mesquite trees with thorns blocking passage.
OPEN Work in Progress. - Completed. contractors will be scheduled to do the work. - 3 days ago #19-00151708

Sidewalk Repair at 1800 LAVACA ST

OPEN 4 days ago #19-00231173

Sidewalk Repair at 3702 HOLT DR

the sidewalk is still sinking and causing pressure in the water lines under and citizen is scared that its going to bust them again , he also wanted the repairs to be paid by the street and bridge
OPEN 4 days ago #19-00230862

Sidewalk Repair at 501 E 6TH ST

Paving tile missing. Safety hazard needs to be filled in or replaced
OPEN Already Reported. - 4 days ago #19-00230814

Sidewalk Repair at 9602 CURLEW DR

next to the mailbox in the sidewalk by the driveway you can see the sidewalk is cracking and sinking at the same time.
OPEN 4 days ago #19-00230711

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