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Sidewalk Repair at 600 HARRIS AVE

caller want to have sidewalk repaired where city had elm tree removed near utility pole. During storms the water runs off onto the property of 600 Harris Ave.
OPEN about 2 hours ago #17-00176302

Sidewalk Repair at 2902 WICKERSHAM LN

In particular, I'd like to ask someone to look at the sidewalk in front of our house at 2902 Wickersham Lane. It's a tripping hazard. An elderly neighbor uses the street to avoid our buckling sidewalk. I hope the city can do a repair.
OPEN 6 days ago #17-00170151

Sidewalk Repair at 210 EBERHART LN

Located near the fire hydrant, The patch of blacktop is now sunk and there is also missing dirt a whole. Someone could be riding their bike and get hurt. Could it be replaced with cement??? It is hazardous. There is also an area on the...
OPEN 6 days ago #17-00169655

Sidewalk Repair at 2109 S LAKESHORE BLVD

Sidewalk not handicap accessible on either side of street at crosswalk
OPEN Work in Progress. - 7 days ago #17-00170068

Sidewalk Repair at 6708 QUINTON DR

This temporary fix has been like this for more than a year. When it rains water sits and the problem is becoming worse.
OPEN 7 days ago #17-00169785

Sidewalk Repair at 300 EBERHART LN

2ft by 3ft hole in sidewalk that could be a fall/trip hazzard
OPEN Already Reported. - 7 days ago #17-00169667

Sidewalk Repair at 1324 S CONGRESS AVE

Curb is very hazardous. I see 10 to 20 people stumble everyday. It is a line of sight issue since people walking north on congress can't see the curb. Needs paint badly.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 10 days ago #17-00167752

Sidewalk Repair at 7004 N LAMAR BLVD

Toppled street light
OPEN Work in Progress. - 10 days ago #17-00167578

Sidewalk Repair at 3306 GLENVIEW AVE

Caller informed that about 3/4 months ago, the city had to lift up the curb n place something underneath for some work/maintenance being done. but claimed after the installation, the sidewalk ended up breaking into sections n ruined the s...
OPEN 10 days ago #17-00167041

Sidewalk Repair at 2323 BITTER CREEK DR

OPEN 11 days ago #17-00165416

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