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Sidewalk Repair at 3904 Cal Rodgers St

Hello, I work for the Mueller Master Community in East Austin. A resident reached out and asked if 311 addresses sidewalk erosions in front of their homes. I wanted to be sure prior to replying being that it's not within her land survey...
OPEN Work in Progress. - 31 minutes ago #23-00175447

Sidewalk Repair at 3309 Clawson Rd B

Caller says that he gets water all the way to the door at the duplex when there is a hard rain because the sidewalk is leaning towards the house. It is tilted and he cannot repair the small driveway with any success until this is repaired...
OPEN about 1 hour ago #23-00175508

Sidewalk Repair at 5003 Lodge View Ln

Submitter entered incorrect SR# 23-00170809 via mobile app to Right of Way Management. Corrected SR# 23-00173201 has been entered to Street and Bridge. Notes from submitter: see attachment
OPEN Work in Progress. - Completed. Class: WORKORDER Created By: GARCIALIS Log Type: WORK Summary: Customer service follow up response Details Lisa, I added a 5x5 sidewalk cut to wo# 2014382. James Robinson Project Coordinator Austin Water. - about 1 hour ago #23-00173201

Sidewalk Repair at 1701 E Howard Ln

kindly maintain this area clean and also improve lights in this area
OPEN Completed. Class: WORKORDER Created By: CARBULLIDOJ Log Type: WORK Summary: Forestry inspection Details Will inspect who is owner of property . - 1 day ago #23-00167262

Sidewalk Repair at 121 Sheraton Ave

the grass is high and you try to step and there's nothing there. its very unsafe
OPEN Work in Progress. - 3 days ago #23-00168519

Sidewalk Repair at 1569 Trinity St Garage B 1 St Txdps

I circled in red the curb that needs to be cut/removed/redone.
OPEN 6 days ago #23-00166144

Sidewalk Repair at 6304 Duranta Cv

The sidewalk was damaged from the 5G machinery that was placed on it to dig into the easement. This is my second request because the last one was closed immediately requesting more information. I do not know what further information to pr...
OPEN Work in Progress. - 10 days ago #23-00160024

Sidewalk Repair at 1000 E 11 Th St

Received via E-Mail: The sidewalk at 1000 E. 11th Street is in need of repairs. There is a gap at the seam of the sidewalk, just between the Wells Fargo Bank and the Street Jones building. The separation has caused the sidewalk to become...
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 1 month ago #23-00112409

Sidewalk Repair at 2300 Quicksilver Blvd Austin

Damage side walk.
OPEN about 1 month ago #23-00101703

Sidewalk Repair at 1501 Mearns Meadow Blvd

Large bump
OPEN Work in Progress. - Completed. Class: SR Created By: ROBERSONB Log Type: WORK Summary: SR Resolved Details This SR has been in the system past it's 90 Days initial ticket has been resolved. - 3 months ago #22-00233487

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