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Sidewalk Repair at 1800 Colorado St

Sidewalk heaved and uneven surface due to bitumen patching
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 1 hour ago #22-00231756

Sidewalk Repair at 522 E 6 Th St

NW corner of 6th & Red River sidewalk pavers deteriorating
OPEN about 19 hours ago #22-00231147

Sidewalk Repair at 301 W 2 Nd St

Bricks are missing
OPEN 2 days ago #22-00229043

Sidewalk Repair at 408 W 23 Rd St

13 homeless people live here and people are unable to walk on the sidewalk
OPEN 2 days ago #22-00228381

Sidewalk Repair at 3508 E 12 Th St

Sidewalk is cracked and overgrown with grass and weeds. It's very difficult to walk a stroller here and there is also debris and broken glass on the sidewalk that could injure a dogs feet
OPEN 7 days ago #22-00223388

Sidewalk Repair at 3013 Matador Dr

Please remove weeds from curb of sidewalk and street. City right of way.
OPEN 7 days ago #22-00222563

Sidewalk Repair at 4303 Medical Pkwy

This new sidewalk is hazardous with the utility pole and unnecessary turns. The old sidewalk that was demo'd did not have a pole located in the sidewalk nor did it curve to the new building's front door.
OPEN 8 days ago #22-00221897

Sidewalk Repair at 12412 Los Indios Trl

Sidewalk is blocked by shrub
OPEN Already Reported. - 10 days ago #22-00217270

Sidewalk Repair at 905 W St Elmo Rd

Impassible sidewalk
OPEN 11 days ago #22-00215944

Sidewalk Repair at 12410 Los Indios Trl

Shrub overhanging sidewalk
OPEN 12 days ago #22-00215292

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