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Flooding Past at 716 E 4 Th St

Newly constructed sidewalk floods during rain events. Update old case to add photo
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 9 hours ago #20-00205596

Flooding Past at 2608 Lost Creek Blvd

A lot of logs and sticks clogging storm drains on the low water crossing bridge from previous flooding events. To be cleaned out before next big storm to prevent flooding.
OPEN 1 day ago #20-00218150

Flooding Past at 2608 Lost Creek Blvd

Creek drainage pipes blocked clogged causing a flood last storm- low water crossing not high bridge. Low water crossing also needs to be cleaned due to mud on road from flooding.
CLOSED 1 day ago #20-00199724

Flooding Past at 1403 Salina St

Alley has a deep dip and when it rains all the water comes down the alley street and instead of continuing to street, is diverted to the side of house at 1403 Salina St. Yesterday during the extreme thunderstorms, the water all rushed dow...
OPEN Work in Progress. - 2 days ago #20-00206415

Flooding Past at 4341 Mount Bonnell Rd

CLOSED Completed - 8 days ago #20-00193993

Flooding Past at 4369 Mount Bonnell Rd

CLOSED 8 days ago #20-00193995

Flooding Past at 1329 Bonham Terrace Greater South River City

Hello, I live at 1327 Bonham Ter in Unit D. The property next door has a drain culvert for water diversion from the street. During periods of heavy rain significant water runs down the lot line from the city culvert and is creating signif...
OPEN Work in Progress. - 8 days ago #20-00192040

Flooding Past at 7400 Doswell Ln

The retaining pond next to my house is leaking through the ground when it is full (now). It makes the cross roads of 2 trails almost unwalkable. Bit the key issue here is there is flowing water going into the base of the huge green utili...
OPEN 8 days ago #20-00206648

Flooding Past at 301 W 5 Th St

CLOSED 9 days ago #19-00437326

Flooding Past at 7339 Pusch Ridge Loop

Greenbelt/Aquifer recharge zone between Mopac/Latta - Convict Hill - Brodie Lane water retention area has filled prior to last nights storm but the sprinklers that redistribute the rainwatera did not function resulting in the retention p...
OPEN 9 days ago #20-00205597

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