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Flooding Past at 11506 CHAMPION DR

CLOSED Completed. Inspector Kelli Bruce has been notified. - 1 day ago #17-00280479

Flooding Past at 1602 TOOMEY RD

Storm drain blocked for construction and never unblocked
OPEN 1 day ago #17-00313764

Flooding Past at 10801 TOLLESBORO CV

the water is flowing towards the greenbelt and does not build up and stand there
CLOSED Completed. Investigated site. Site to site issue between property owner's to resolve. I had given the citizen a few options to help prevent ponding issues. No work is planned for WPD FOD at this time. - 4 days ago #17-00306924

Flooding Past at 2200 SPRING CREEK DR

CLOSED Completed. Citizen has received yard and street flooding. Water draining south of Robert E Lee. No CIP is currently planned for any storm drain infrastructure at this time. Information will be sent to WED for documentation. No work is currently planned for WPD FOD at this time. Citizen has been contacted. I left a voicemail. - 4 days ago #17-00093868

Flooding Past at 6433 W WILLIAM CANNON DR

The storm drain at this location is partially clogged up with vegetation and debris, probably following the last storm. This area is prone as it is to forming large puddles of water when it rains, due to insufficient water drains. As an e...
CLOSED Completed. Creek channel in question is a natural channel and should remain in its natural state for habitat. Creek is within the flood plain and is prone to flooding. No work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 9 days ago #17-00304510

Flooding Past at 1904 W 5TH ST

Obstruction of flow causes flooding
CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket#17-358196 has been sent to open waterways south crew to remove debris from box culverts to allow positive flow. - 9 days ago #17-00303667

Flooding Past at 2517 MAGIN MEADOW DR

CLOSED Completed. Information has been documented and sent to WED in regards of street flooding. From my inspection I noticed the curb inlet was blocked with silt and had dispatch create a separate SR to remove tri-dike and built up sediment to allow positive flow for the curb inlet in front of 2506 Magin Meadow. Citizen has been contacted. - 10 days ago #17-00298714

Flooding Past at 6529 Valleyside Road Austin

Storm drain not working - full of debris
CLOSED Completed. Albert Zambrano went on this call no issues were found, inlet box was clean, pipes were open. - 10 days ago #17-00094897

Flooding Past at 3504 Montopolis Dr

curb inlet is clogged and water can not get through. needs to be cleaned out
CLOSED Completed. Joe Torres went on this call, Vactor crew is scheduled to work on it. - 10 days ago #17-00093957

Flooding Past at 1507 BRIDGEWAY DR

Large branches "log-jammed" against bridge pilings at 2600 blk of Thornton Rd. (between Bridgeway Dr. and Summer Creek Ct.)
CLOSED Completed. Please have crew remove debris blocking boxculvert and remove down tree.Maximo work ticket#17-355419 has been sent to open waterways south crew. - 11 days ago #17-00299450

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