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Flooding Past at 13014 POND SPRINGS RD

Intersection floods up to a foot of water during rain. Drainage is not fuctioning properly.
CLOSED Completed. small pipe from grate continues to clog up. - about 15 hours ago #18-00349844

Flooding Past at CLAWSON RD & FORT VIEW RD

OPEN Work in Progress. - about 17 hours ago #18-00357010

Flooding Past at 6505 BROWNWOOD CT

CLOSED Completed. maximo work ticket # 18-157901please remove sediment from flow line to allow positive flow. - 2 days ago #18-00113704

Flooding Past at 8509 BISBEE CT

CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Street and Bridge. Standing water in front of given address due to road failure. A storm water curb inlet is at the end of the cul-de-sac for water to drain but due to uneven street water is stagnant for days. The plans show the water is intended to drain towards inlet and discharge towards pond behind homes. - 3 days ago #18-00333089

Flooding Past at 5902 BULL CREEK RD

(received during citywide internet outage) Citizen states that driveway is lower than the street on the left, causing flooding and water flows into the garage. This happens when it rains heavily. He has video of the incident
CLOSED Completed. Field Engineer has performed a site visit, and will be looking at options. - 4 days ago #16-00296044

Flooding Past at 12205 BUZZ SCHNEIDER LN

CLOSED Completed. please forward to EV inspections this location is still under construction. No work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 6 days ago #18-00343002

Flooding Past at 2115 EAST SIDE DR

Blunn creek bridge underpass is blocked. Water stagnant
CLOSED Completed. Investigated low-water crossing culvert. Area already been cleared. See photo on attachment. - 6 days ago #18-00104721

Flooding Past at 12809 BANCROFT WOODS CV

Easement across the street from me is flooding AGAIN. The drain is most likely clogged again from the grass clippings since they don't clean up after they mow.
OPEN Completed. Please fprward to Ponds. - 8 days ago #18-00318111

Flooding Past at 8507 CASPIAN DR

A lot of runoff from lot next door causing flooding in our yard. I think their flood retention sprinklers are broken.
CLOSED Completed. site to site issue apartment complex and citizen have been contacted. no work necessary today or in the future for WPD FOD. - 9 days ago #18-00091591


CLOSED 10 days ago #18-00304654

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