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Flooding Past at 4802 Creekwood Rd

tannehill branch creek flooding and eroding soil fast on both sides (residential/natural land)
OPEN about 21 hours ago #21-00477474

Flooding Past at 1406 E 38 Th Half St

Storm culvert is blocked by debris.
OPEN 1 day ago #21-00476653

Flooding Past at 2917 Ellon Rd

this issue has been present for about 40 years now caller states
OPEN 2 days ago #21-00475465

Flooding Past at 2305 Rogge Ln

CLOSED 2 days ago #21-00466275

Flooding Past at 11958 Old San Antonio Rd

Very large fallen tree tangled in low bridge
CLOSED 2 days ago #21-00471313

Flooding Past at 200 W 55 Th Half St

Home flooding last week/Behind his home the water crosses the street on 56th where there are huge parking lots and businesses which the run off water comes downhill towards his property. There are several neighbors who are getting flooded...
OPEN 3 days ago #21-00474404

Flooding Past at 3105 Steck Ave

Tree debris is caught up under bridge over Steck and it floods easily here.
CLOSED Completed - 3 days ago #21-00418986

Flooding Past at 800 Emerald Wood Dr

Inadequate infrastructure. Inadequate culverts frequently clog and or are overwhelmed. Creating the 'Aberdeen Dam' by COA WPD. Reported over and over and over again. No help, no response, no improvement.
CLOSED Completed - 3 days ago #21-00196092

Flooding Past at 1630 E 3 Rd St

East 6th Street 1600 block flooding during heavy rains
OPEN 4 days ago #21-00472282

Flooding Past at 5005 E Parmer Ln

Construction site's trash and debris has caused the drainages on the road to backlog with trash, grass/weeds and trees. This caused all of Palmer lane going east to be flooded by about 4-5 inches deep
CLOSED 4 days ago #21-00466011

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