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Flooding Past at 805 Jessie St

Standing water in the street - several days after rain
OPEN 5 days ago #19-00400034

Flooding Past at 7051 Village Center Dr

CLOSED Completed. This is a private issue. - 8 days ago #19-00130290

Flooding Past at 302 West Ave

Cobble on Shoal Creek trail
CLOSED Completed. Duplicate. PARD will maintain walk-in see SR19-00124182. - 8 days ago #19-00124937

Flooding Past at 1902 Morrow St

Grass and grass roots need to be eliminated (not just cut/trimmed) around the median from 1905 Morrow all the way west to Burnet Rd. This area between the asphalt and cement curb needs to be rooted out and re-tar'd. Water isn't draining...
CLOSED Completed - 14 days ago #19-00367313

Flooding Past at 12118 Walnut Park Xing

Standing water on Walnut Park Xing. Water is not draining into storm sewer. Storm sewer opening has a construction debris cover on it . (I think the cover is made of black tarp and chicken wire?)
CLOSED Completed. maxwell responded and checked inlets.he bent ears on trydykes to allow water to drain better. - 15 days ago #19-00123053

Flooding Past at 2806 S Heatherwilde Blvd

Large pool of water on road blocking all southbound lanes. Car is stalled.
CLOSED Completed. Remove Filters screen in front of the inlets. - 16 days ago #19-00120797

Flooding Past at 5515 Wassail St

Tree limbs laying in ditch just before a culvert. Would cause culvert to plug up and water to flow over street and into nearby homes.
CLOSED Completed - 22 days ago #19-00323090

Flooding Past at 7629 Northcross Dr

Vegetation growing 3'-5' into the roadway on East bound side. Street not draining properly.
CLOSED Completed - 25 days ago #19-00367335

Flooding Past at 7601 Tisdale Dr

Drainage area needs to be cleaned out. Water not draining properly
CLOSED 25 days ago #19-00361413

Flooding Past at 7839 Northcross Dr

Creek behind 2531 west Anderson on Northcross Dr. needs to be cleaned out AGAIN (full bags of trash and homeless debris in creek) and vegetation removed from drainage bed. Trees need to be removed and/or trimmed high. Northcross Drive an...
CLOSED about 1 month ago #19-00349893

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