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Flooding Past at 9308 S 1 St St

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. mobile app testing. - 2 days ago #22-00220900

Flooding Past at 2100 Garden St

Growth partially blocking drain
CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #22-00226810

Flooding Past at 10207 Oak Hollow Dr

Trees up against bridge, potential to block stream.
CLOSED Completed - 3 days ago #22-00226880

Flooding Past at 6001 Belfast Dr

The culverts here are super backed up and full of trash and yard debris. This causes flooding in big storms.
CLOSED 4 days ago #22-00173228

Flooding Past at 4925 Bull Creek Rd

CLOSED Completed - 4 days ago #22-00198521

Flooding Past at 1314 Harrison Ln

Caller stated that she spoke with Public works and was referred to call 3-1-1 and make a report with watershed protection in regarding this issue.
CLOSED Completed - 9 days ago #22-00146190

Flooding Past at 8230 Spicewood Springs Rd 6

CLOSED 10 days ago #22-00181250

Flooding Past at 2836 Guadalupe St

Clogged street drain is not draining correctly & causes water buildup
CLOSED Completed - 14 days ago #22-00209447

Flooding Past at W 9 Th St & Winflo Dr

Received via E-Mail: Severe drainage issue at West 9th & Winflow. Every time it rains the water is directing down the hill on Winflow into the Parking lot of Park Place Apartments and flooding the units. Last rain it flooded 17 units cau...
CLOSED Completed - 18 days ago #22-00096913

Flooding Past at 4008 Banister Ln

Rainwater pooling on either side of 4000-BLK Banister Ln.
CLOSED Completed - 20 days ago #22-00140849

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