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Flooding Past at 5615 RAIN CREEK PKWY

Blocked drain or a drain that needs to be cleaned.
CLOSED Completed. Debris in question will be the property owners responsibility to maintain. Citizen has been contacted and no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - about 12 hours ago #17-00153857

Flooding Past at 812 CASTLE RIDGE RD

RE: SR#152178 & 154986 Update to add photos. Overgrown culvert/drainage easement + curbs that are too short allow rainwater to flood my garage, my front and back yards. Erosion is so severe that many trees have fallen over in the easement...
CLOSED Completed. Please refer to CSR17-00154986. - 1 day ago #17-00157373

Flooding Past at 813 CASTLE RIDGE RD

CLOSED Completed. Please refer to CSR17-00154986. - 1 day ago #17-00152178

Flooding Past at 10032 PINNACLE CREST LOOP

Caller is requesting a new storm drain be installed because of pooling water that creates algae. This is a tripping hazard and there is a nearby park.
CLOSED Completed. Possible urban seep causing standingwater. Mike Kelly has been notified in regards to urban seeps for documentation. AWU checked for anybreak in their lines. Possible naturalground water.At this time there is no work planned for WPD FOD at his time. Citizen has been contacted. - 6 days ago #17-00148571

Flooding Past at 307 W APPLEGATE DR

CLOSED 7 days ago #17-00153135

Flooding Past at 1904 W 5TH ST

Obstruction of flow causes flooding
CLOSED Completed - 7 days ago #17-00303667

Flooding Past at 3403 PEREGRINE FALCON DR

CLOSED 12 days ago #17-00143642

Flooding Past at 17002 SPLENDOR PASS, LAKEWAY

CLOSED Completed. Please forward to the city of Lakeway. This is out of WPD FOD ETJ no work is planned at this time. - 13 days ago #17-00320334

Flooding Past at 7501 ISLANDER DR

Drainage way silted in from pasr rain events. Mosquito incubator.
CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket #17-181656 has been issued to south crews grade to drain to allow positive flow. No contact information available. - 13 days ago #17-00137982

Flooding Past at 12009 BLACK ANGUS DR

Culvert cleanout (to prevent continuous flooding here) appears incomplete. Also, since it was done starting "downstream", it will result in very high velocity water in the small part that is not blocked.
CLOSED Completed. North crews are NOT completely done with the general maintenance and will continue on removing sediment deposit. No contact information listed. - 13 days ago #17-00349329

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