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Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 7578 WOOD HOLLOW DR

Water flowing out of a street light pole
CLOSED Completed. transfered to AWU for water line break. - about 17 hours ago #18-00390234

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 2302 COMBURG CASTLE WAY

CLOSED Completed. John Hayes talked to the citizen explained to her what to do about the neighbors discharging water into her yard, She is contact code enforcement. - 1 day ago #18-00389471

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1807 ELMIRA RD

Water seeps out and floods the sidewalk/street. Smells like sewer water. Looks to be coming from the yard and down the hill and into the street.
CLOSED Completed. this is spring water that is stagnant around sidewalk. - 3 days ago #18-00144453

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 710 W CESAR CHAVEZ ST

CLOSED 3 days ago #18-00385210

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1125 TERRY DR

Water pooling. Is not able to flow into storm drain.
CLOSED 3 days ago #18-00385222

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 865 OLD KOENIG LN

Water pouring out into Old Koenig Ln water down Koenig Ln. Been discharging for more than 24 hours.
CLOSED 3 days ago #18-00386255

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1009 W KOENIG LN

Water flooding into street
CLOSED 4 days ago #18-00385010

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 2026 N LAMAR BLVD

3rd time reporting this, and it is getting worse. Water from a pipe in the sidewalk at the end of this sidewalk guardrail makes this area extremely slippery, muddy, mossy, and sloshy. It is like this rain or hot weather, worse when less s...
CLOSED 4 days ago #18-00385067

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 4312 RED RIVER ST

Water flowing out of meter point
CLOSED 5 days ago #18-00141457

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1611 EASY ST

CLOSED 8 days ago #18-00378280

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