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Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 715 W JOHANNA ST

There is a large amount of water coming from 3 feet below ground. My meter is not running so not sure where the leak is coming from
CLOSED 1 day ago #19-00136152

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1305 MORROW ST

Water main break
CLOSED Completed. this is a private issue. water is coming from sprinkle systems at the church at this location. - 2 days ago #19-00133898

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1708 REDD ST

Classify it how you want- massive collection of water forms whenever it rains- extremely dangerous. Earlier response said no issues just a lot of water basically- the water is the problem. Drainage is not adequate
CLOSED Completed. transfer to public works, low spot on road. - 3 days ago #18-00349716

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 500 PROVINES DR

Provinces from Turner to Motheral Dr, both sides of road are flooded. The street has NO drainage. I have been reporting for years and no action has been taken. Please call or email me Thanks Mona
CLOSED Completed. The area will need to have its ditch line reshaped and see if the pipes need to be cleaned out or upgraded to help with the flow of water. - 3 days ago #19-00123335

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 6710 ARROYO SECO

CLOSED 4 days ago #19-00129027

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 2041 LOU NEFF RD

Broken irrigation on the great lawn is actively leaking right into the drain.
CLOSED 5 days ago #19-00128082

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 4111 Speedway Hyde Park

Modest amount of water pouring out of unknown source in front of 4111 speedway.
CLOSED 5 days ago #19-00128441

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 301 W 2ND ST

BROKEN PIPE!! Spraying TONS of water into street!!!
CLOSED 6 days ago #18-00347352

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 420 N IH 35 SVRD SB

Water leaking slowly from pipe.
CLOSED 6 days ago #19-00126623

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 2826 LOCKE LN

CLOSED Completed. Please forwards to AWU for leak under ground. - 9 days ago #18-00342375

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