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Found Animal - Keep at 1211 E 52nd St Windsor Park

Small white poodle, male
OPEN 1 day ago #21-00173652

Found Animal - Keep at 520 E Live Oak St

Baby owl in tree. Mom owl above. Not sure if baby is injured. Just to the right of 520 live oak.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. owls are not domestic animals. cannot create a found report for an owl. - 3 days ago #21-00169577

Found Animal - Keep at 916 Berrywood Dr North Oaks Hillside

Large intact male dog with green Kong collar, no tags
CLOSED 3 days ago #21-00168249

Found Animal - Keep at 3211 Palm Way North Burnet

Found at Austin FC stadium
CLOSED 3 days ago #21-00167210

Found Animal - Keep at 2119 S Lamar Blvd South Lamar

Female boxer found near Chris? liquor on 4/6/21 at around 1 am . Very friendly and calm .
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Created found report A832114. - 3 days ago #21-00166374

Found Animal - Keep at 1807 W Braker Ln Quail Hollow

Female. Very sweet. Vet said she is around 3 and has no chip. She appears to just have had babies and she has shaved marks on her back that indicates recent heart worm treatment. Not wearing a collar.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. created found report. - 4 days ago #21-00166132

Found Animal - Keep at 7501 Bluff Springs Rd Austin

Found grey and white male cat. Friendly. Unaltered, no collar or microchip.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. found report A832032. - 4 days ago #21-00164783

Found Animal - Keep at 3008 E 3rd St Govalle

Found these dogs at the Valero at 8:45am this morning. Very sweet. They are in my backyard which is near the Valero.
CLOSED 5 days ago #21-00163010

Found Animal - Keep at 10503 Berthound Dr North Austin Civic Association

White puppy, maybe around a year old. Lots of energy and very well socialized.
CLOSED 6 days ago #21-00161681

Found Animal - Keep at 11250 Taylor Draper Ln

Found dog chipped but no tags very much would like to keep him if no original owner is found
CLOSED 6 days ago #21-00161442

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