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Loose Dog at 700 E Live Oak St

Not an off leash park at Big Stacy. Always a lot of dogs off leash, no matter the signs posted. Right behind Travis Heights elementary there are always dogs there and the school uses the park for their park.
OPEN 6 minutes ago #19-00465994

Loose Dog at 9503 Flintrock Cir

OPEN 9 minutes ago #19-00465986

Loose Dog at 6309 Thurgood Ave

citizen state there are 8 dogs running loose the mother is a large shaggy white dog and 7 small black puppies mixed. citizen also states the large white dog and one of her pups bit someone this morning.
OPEN 15 minutes ago #19-00465972

Loose Dog at 5307 Wellington Dr

OPEN 21 minutes ago #19-00465877

Loose Dog at E 51 St St & Mueller Blvd

caller is brian with travis county ems holding dog from getting into traffic requesting quickest response possible
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-039643, Results:1 MADE CONTACT; 1 RESOLVED;. - about 1 hour ago #19-00465829

Loose Dog at 8220 W Sh 71

German Shepard large dog
OPEN about 1 hour ago #19-00465846

Loose Dog at 5628 Thunder Gulch Dr

dog running loose breaking the fence and chasing people going up to children and trying to attack them. citizen state the dog keeps breaking the fence of the residence and getting out.
OPEN about 2 hours ago #19-00465805

Loose Dog at 5600 Woodview Ave Allandale

Medium-large (~50lb?) dog seen around 1am 12/8/2019
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-039543, Results:5600 WOODVIEW AVE ALLANDALE; XY: 3113186.055839883, 10093931.331515765; LATLNG:; 1 UNABLE TO LOCATE;. - about 19 hours ago #19-00465050

Loose Dog at 7409 Crepe Myrtle Dr

Small male longhaired dachshund type dog, white with brown spots and a brown face, bright green or grey eyes. Spotted on Felipe drive 4pm and then crepe myrtle 5pm 12/7, another neighbor saw him in Springfield Village on 12/2. No collar,...
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-039519, Results:7409 CREPE MYRTLE DR; XY: 3116972.342528872, 10033131.41692489; LATLNG: 30.16447; 1 UNABLE TO LOCATE;. - about 19 hours ago #19-00464665

Loose Dog at 1209 Luna St

Dog is coming over to my driveway to bark at me this is not the first time they have been reported.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-039504, Results:1209 LUNA ST; XY: 3130629.5562773957, 10075195.374512821; LATLNG: 30.27922166999; 1 UNABLE TO LOCATE;. - about 22 hours ago #19-00464500

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