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Loose Dog at 9807 Chukar Cir

Medium brown short hair - 40 lbs?
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-061679, Results:1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - about 1 hour ago #20-00260768

Loose Dog at 8903 Capitol Dr

Dogs from 8901 loose AGAIN and are aggressive towards people/dogs
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-061413, Results:ROOSTER IN CAGE W/O SHELTER; 3 MADE CONTACT; 1 UNABLE TO MAKE CONTACT;. - about 17 hours ago #20-00257011

Loose Dog at 1708 Matthews Ln

Found dog SIGHTING. Heading east bound on Matthews ln. Towards intersection of mancheca/manchaca and William cannon. Tan/white, short, approx 30 pound, maybe 40. Seemed plump or round. Cropped tail. Looked like small corgie. I saw th...
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-061612, Results:1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 1 day ago #20-00259737

Loose Dog at Macmora Rd North Austin Civic Association Austin

Intact male- young
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-061593, Results:MACMORA RD NORTH AUSTIN CIVIC ASSOCIATION AUSTIN; XY: 3125442.981695766, 1011274; 1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 1 day ago #20-00259398

Loose Dog at 30.37 N 97.67 W

Tall yellow lab mix loose on north side of Braker in front of Buckner
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-061624, Results:1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 1 day ago #20-00259913

Loose Dog at 300 E 11 Th St

Kitten inside motor or undercarriage. In navy Honda CR-V. It front of capital studios. On 11th & San Jacinto. Will not come out. Don't want to restart engine.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-061680, Results:NO CONTACT NUMBER; 1 UNABLE TO MAKE CONTACT; 1 UNFOUNDED COMPLAINT;. - 2 days ago #20-00260769

Loose Dog at 3200 Jones Rd

Friendly white mutt dog, probably some pit mixed in but a very happy dog, found near Sunset Valley Elementary. He eventually ran down towards the Berger Center down the bike path (~3200 Jones Rd).
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-061673, Results:1 UNABLE TO COMPLETE;. - 2 days ago #20-00260697

Loose Dog at 404 Chaparral Rd

Yellow lab medium size with a blue collar crossing the street near William cannon and south congress
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-061491, Results:1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 2 days ago #20-00258081

Loose Dog at 4705 Leatherleaf Trail

Black small happy dog, looked like it was in much need of haircut
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-061444, Results:4705 LEATHERLEAF TRAIL, AUSTIN; XY: 3113780.2969260607, 10042270.684881127; LATL; 1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 3 days ago #20-00257252

Loose Dog at 2309 Berkeley Ave South Austin

black and white large fluffy fur, collar
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-061365, Results:2309 BERKELEY AVE SOUTH AUSTIN; XY: 3094585.4077653666, 10048961.507003136; LATL; 1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 3 days ago #20-00256202

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