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Loose Dog at 16129 Stoneham Cir

Tenant allows dog to roam off leash and unattended in front of property. Dog seen growling and barking at neighbor and passerby.
OPEN about 11 hours ago #19-00406020

Loose Dog at 1101 Springdale Rd

Not a dog!!! A small kitten in the storm drain on the corner nearest the tennis courts. Please help. I am not sure what to do. I can hear it meowing.
OPEN about 11 hours ago #19-00406016

Loose Dog at 9410 Carson Creek Blvd

OPEN Already Reported. - about 18 hours ago #19-00405466

Loose Dog at 9408 Carson Creek Blvd

OPEN about 18 hours ago #19-00405465

Loose Dog at 7000 Ardath St

Medium size white dog. Owner just letting off leash. Not picking up waste. By the pool parking lot. Owner is also smoking cigarettes and throwing trash around the bench
OPEN about 18 hours ago #19-00405427

Loose Dog at 409 S Lamar Blvd Nb

Dog on leash but homeless / transient owner isn't holding leash and letting it roam free.
OPEN about 23 hours ago #19-00404830

Loose Dog at 809 W 2 Nd St

This is ridiculous. This park is clearly labeled as a leash park but every day I have to deal with unleashed dogs running up on my dog. The owners also ignore when their gig defecates or go to look for it and can't find it. Get some enfor...
OPEN 2 months ago #19-00320712

Loose Dog at 15700 Pearce Ln, Del Valle

caller would like to for a call beforehand because this is in a development that currently being built and caller can show them where the dogs are
OPEN 7 months ago #18-00440000

Loose Dog at 2935 E Sh 71 Svrd Wb

$300 reward Large mastiff breed female all white uncut wearing a black radio collar she went missing near Mangus and fm 937
OPEN 9 months ago #19-00039149

Loose Dog

OPEN Already Reported. - over 1 year ago #18-00107283


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