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Loose Dog at 1600 GLENVALLEY DR

OPEN 44 minutes ago #18-00268310

Loose Dog at 508 E Howard Ln Silverado Mobile Home Park

Spotted two loose dogs around 4pm today crossing Howard ln to the field across from dessau fountain estates. One was a husky/German Shepard mix breed and the other was a bull dog terrier brindle type dog. They went into the field briefly...
OPEN 1 day ago #18-00266890

Loose Dog at 405 Krebs Ln South Austin

This dog breaks into our yard every night and runs around the neighborhood all day. Has a collar and tags but runs away when approached. We followed him to Wilson, where he ran into a yard that backs on to the little green space behind it...
OPEN 18 days ago #18-00245024

Loose Dog at 401 W CROSLIN ST

2 Chihuahuas live at 401 - B W. Croslin Street - owner continues to walk off leash late at night disturbing my dogs - he knows there is a leash law as we have told him as have other neighbors.
OPEN 20 days ago #18-00242838

Loose Dog at 4141 TERRY O LN

u was at tge wharehouse and i was walking to snack machine bit stopped snd adked these girls if they were on internet bc my cellular was acting up and then her service dog apprached me well she was rude and said to not approach her! but h...
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00153000

Loose Dog at 5411 SPRING MEADOW RD

2 poodles in very poor condition, l lyng in street. I tried to get them out of the street so they went to the sidewalk, but didn't seem to 'know' where they were going. They were both supposed to be white, but they were brown and had a to...
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00151744

Loose Dog at 6103 PINO LN

Light yellow big male dog, unknown breed, and female brown/grey pitbull. Running down Pino ln towards Dove springs drive.
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00150277

Loose Dog at 6899 BLUE DAWN TRL

Aggressive dogs attacked a child and parent. These dogs are loose by the school. At blue dawn @ Deer run
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00148921

Loose Dog at 5812 ARBOR PAVILION LN

OPEN 3 months ago #18-00148632

Loose Dog at 7609 LONGVIEW RD

Many off leash dogs every evening.
OPEN Already Reported. - 3 months ago #18-00148598

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