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Loose Dog at 30.33N 97.69W

Black chihuahua mix on sidewalk
OPEN about 1 hour ago #18-00115344

Loose Dog at 631 TURKEY TREE RD

This dog has killed peoples livestock and the owner has been warned about it getting loose.
OPEN about 5 hours ago #18-00114928

Loose Dog at 7715 E Ben White Blvd Southeast Austin

Two dogs running loose around the 7-11 near Riverside, tried to approach but theyre too scared, dont want them getting in way of traffic and getting hurt.
OPEN about 15 hours ago #18-00114771

Loose Dog at 5400 PECAN BROOK DR

Black white male
OPEN about 20 hours ago #18-00114474

Loose Dog at 5007 MENDOZA DR

citizen stated only sees the dog running loose at night time. also made a noise complaint with APD SR# 113521. will also make a complaint with M.C, and speaking with District Rep.
OPEN 1 day ago #18-00113532

Loose Dog at 2401 APPLE VALLEY CIR

OPEN 4 days ago #18-00108658

Loose Dog

CSR 4.4.2 Migration SR # 18-00002497 SR: 18-00099741, last SR reporting loose dog. Please contact the caller.
OPEN 6 days ago #18-00107559

Loose Dog

OPEN Already Reported. - 6 days ago #18-00107283

Loose Dog at 5508 ICON ST

caller is reporting a loose dog that is loose frequently and the dog that looks like a blue healer chased and growled at him earlier and the pit-bull is friendly. caller is also concerned for the children that walk home from the middle sc...
OPEN 7 days ago #18-00106557

Loose Dog at 7008 BROOK VALLEY CIR

OPEN 8 days ago #18-00105843

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