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Construction Items in ROW at 2207 DEADWOOD DR

Three cones left in front of home by Street and Bridge. Caller has moved them into yard.
OPEN 35 minutes ago #17-00178112

Construction Items in ROW at 4515 HIGHLAND TER

CLOSED Completed. Found no active permits in the area for this year. Called Citizen to ask how long sign has been there. Citizen advised sign has been there for more than 3 years. Asked inspector to visit area and retrieve sign. - about 1 hour ago #17-00174032

Construction Items in ROW at 1834 MC BEE ST

Abandoned (1.5 yrs.)
CLOSED Completed. sending inspector out. - about 2 hours ago #17-00168511

Construction Items in ROW at 2011 S L DAVIS AVE

Signage from road detours for Juneteenth Parade still have not been picked up.
CLOSED Completed. Emailed special events to have signs retrieved. Emailed citizen to advise the same. - 3 days ago #17-00174768

Construction Items in ROW at WESTLAKE DR & N CAPITAL OF TEXAS HWY NB, AUSTIN, 78746

CLOSED Completed. Called Citizen to advise this is TXDOT jurisdiction and not right-of-way. Emailed Citizen TXDOT contact information along telecom contact information since there is some telecom work in the area. - 3 days ago #17-00174403

Construction Items in ROW at 505 W 7TH ST

CLOSED Completed. Found CIP in the area. Emailed project manager with citizen's concerns. Emailed Citizen with project manager's contact information and advised the same. - 3 days ago #17-00174966

Construction Items in ROW at 1809 ROSEWOOD AVE

Been here for months
CLOSED Completed. this is an abandoned vehicle and needs to go to APD non-emergency. - 3 days ago #17-00173565

Construction Items in ROW at 3001 E 18TH HALF ST

SR# 17-00172751 was initially submitted to Street&Bridge and they referred the concern to ROW management. Notes from Street&Bridge: this needs to go to row management in order to get home owner to remove his property - from street.
CLOSED Completed. Asked Code Enforcement to visit area. - 4 days ago #17-00172832

Construction Items in ROW at 483 LITTLE TEXAS LN

Tree is leaned over blocking sidewalk, hazard as pedestrian must walk in street to go around
CLOSED Completed - 4 days ago #17-00173456

Construction Items in ROW at 2300 E 9TH ST

CLOSED Completed. Found several permits for the area. Called Citizen to find out how long items have been there. Unable to leave voicemail 6/15...Called Citizen and he advised work started 11 pm 6/8. Found AWU permit for emergency work. Emailed AWU regarding items..; From: Pena, Isabell; Sent: Friday, June 16, 2017 11:40 AM; To: Sneed, Charles; Cc: Cancino, Felicia; Amayo-Ryan, Paloma; Subject: 3-1-1 Service Request; Good Morning,; We received a service request regarding construction items left at 2300 E 9th St. AWU has an active permit (# 17-070082) for emergency work in the area. I spoke with the Citizen and advised that the work may not be completed, but items would be retrieved upon completion of the project. Can you please check on the status and update me? I have attached copies of the summary report and permit for your review. Thanks. - 4 days ago #17-00164330

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