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Food Complaint at 10700 S US 183 HWY, MUSTANG RIDGE

OPEN about 2 hours ago #17-00178011

Food Complaint at 6007 HOGAN AVE

OPEN about 3 hours ago #17-00177844

Food Complaint at 7122 VALBURN DR

OPEN about 17 hours ago #17-00177389

Food Complaint at 1516 AGGIE LN

OPEN about 19 hours ago #17-00177310

Food Complaint at 10817 FM 2222 RD, AUSTIN, 78730

OPEN 1 day ago #17-00176644

Food Complaint at 1138 EAST OLTORF STREET #108 38 108

OPEN Sent to Wrong Department. This should not have been referred to Health. This is a Code Department issue; "Downstairs bathroom sewer line leaked for the second time into section 8 apt with 2 underage mental health children". - 3 days ago #17-00174462

Food Complaint at 2525 W ANDERSON LN

OPEN Sent to Wrong Department. Needs to go to AWU. - 20 days ago #17-00152141

Food Complaint at 913 JEWELL ST

Caller is referring the mosquitos / caller has health issues / caller states his neighbors ( are spraying the area between 9 :am - 4 :pm ) daily . today at 2:pm
OPEN Completed. RW spoke with 311 operator and advised that EHSD is no spraying for mosquitoes. - about 1 month ago #17-00139718

Food Complaint at 3600 PRESIDENTIAL BLVD

OPEN Completed. Complainant did no reference a specific food establishment/vendor and did not leave a ph # to call them back re: which food vendor(s) they were referring to. To reference the "whole" airport is too broad a scope to investigate given the nature of the complaint. - about 1 month ago #17-00116651

Food Complaint at 1805 AIRPORT BLVD

several restaurants are promoting catfish, however are using basa, swai, or pangasius. Caller is a chef and states they are charging for catfish but are using a cheaper product.
OPEN Completed. Basa, swai, or pangasius are all forms of catfish and the citizen did not leave a phone # to call back and discuss why they felt this was a violation. The most recent EHSD Routine Inspection yielded no evidence of unsound food or an unapproved food source. - 3 months ago #17-00089260

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