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Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 100 EBERHART LN

Additional school light. When turning left off southbound Congress, you cannot see the light flashing for the school speed limit slow down.
OPEN 16 minutes ago #18-00190968

Pothole Repair at 2900 S IH 35 SVRD SB

Potential collision or vehicle damage
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 3 hours ago #18-00190814

Water Waste Report at 2503 E OLTORF ST

Water pouring from underground.
OPEN about 3 hours ago #18-00190956

Park Grounds Maintenance at 2803 LOYOLA LN

Tree limbs along sidewalk and along hiking trail at the park do not have 8 foot clearance.
OPEN about 5 hours ago #18-00190934

Loud Commercial Music at 1909 E 2ND ST

Can hear Music and feel bass from east Caesar Chavez St and it's after midnight. Think it's from Stay Gold.
OPEN about 5 hours ago #18-00190928

Pothole Repair at E 12TH ST & RED RIVER ST

OPEN Work in Progress. - about 7 hours ago #18-00190839

Pothole Repair at 1000 W 34TH ST

Pothole in the east bound lanes located right before crossing over lamar.
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 7 hours ago #18-00190835

Sidewalk Repair at 2402 BROKEN OAK DR

Missing sidewalk
OPEN about 10 hours ago #18-00190740

Pothole Repair at E 7TH ST & CHICON ST

Citizen called in a year ago and was told the issue would be resolved. Very upset about this issue still not being resolved. Suggesting to use 20lb bags of sand to put in holes so that it's not a safety hazard. Issues due to the decorativ...
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 11 hours ago #18-00190641

Graffiti Removal at 5237 N CAPITAL OF TEXAS HWY NB

On bridge arch supports at least 3 places new yellow tags
OPEN about 14 hours ago #18-00190387

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