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Dockless Mobility at 3500 GUADALUPE ST

Both Lyft and lime scooters
OPEN 3 minutes ago #19-00102792

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 3025 E 13TH ST

Over-sized camper trailer, unregistered, blocking the view looking south on McKinley from 13th. This needs to be moved off of the street.
OPEN 5 minutes ago #19-00102790

Park Grounds Maintenance at 3401 REDBUD TRL

This is the trash can at the end of Red Bed Isle. There was a fishing tournament this weekend. In the future, please schedule additional trash pick ups on event weekends.
OPEN 42 minutes ago #19-00102779

Dead Animal Collection at 3500 W Slaughter Ln Ccr

OPEN about 2 hours ago #19-00102774

Loud Commercial Music at 7601 N LAMAR BLVD NB

El Nocturno loud bass musica
OPEN about 7 hours ago #19-00102715

Loud Commercial Music at 1600 BARTON SPRINGS RD

It's almost 12 midnight. Loud music/ drum beat is still heard.
OPEN about 8 hours ago #19-00102694

Found Animal - Keep at 810 W St Johns Ave Crestview

Brown and White Female Chihuahua. Found around 9pm on 3/23/19 running full speed north on Lamar near St. Johns. Followed her onto Easy Wind Drive where she was running in the middle of the road:( She did not want to be caught (growled and...
OPEN about 9 hours ago #19-00102678

Loud Commercial Music at 719 W 6TH ST

Extremely loud music from Dogwood, Concrete Cowboy. Way over and above dB limits. Shaking side of building.
OPEN about 9 hours ago #19-00102659

Loud Commercial Music at 907 S Congress Ave Greater South River City

Extremely loud music and screaming echoing into our apartment complex. Already heard people from our complex yelling back to tell them to shut the f up
OPEN about 10 hours ago #19-00102645

Loud Commercial Music at 1934 RUTLAND DR

Salon de fiestas Mx event center. Loud music
OPEN about 10 hours ago #19-00102641

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