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Channels/Creeks/Drainage Issues at Quail Valley Blvd & Cripple Creek Dr

Caller said there is homeless individuals living and camping out at the creek here, next to a bridge. They said there is a lot of debris here as well. They that they've been causing a disturbance at this location, and that other neighbors...
OPEN 1 minute ago #22-00360542

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 2915 Aftonshire Way

The vehicle is obscuring the field of vision for anyone exiting the apartment property and is creating a safety issue.
OPEN 7 minutes ago #22-00360532

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 1316 Southport Dr South Lamar

Trailer with broken backdoor appears completely gutted inside - possible former food truck? Was parked at this location overnight last Friday and has not been moved or touched since. Has blocks under it propping up parked at the curb.
OPEN 28 minutes ago #22-00360527

Other at 1600 Newfield Ln

Street light out
OPEN 31 minutes ago #22-00360524

Park Grounds Maintenance at 2618 Gonzales St

Parque Zaragoza grass need mowing
OPEN 31 minutes ago #22-00360523

Shared Micromobility at 1200 W 6 Th St

Scooter and bikes blocking sidewalk
OPEN 34 minutes ago #22-00360519

AE Street Light Issue - Address at 5403 Rambling Range

OPEN 40 minutes ago #22-00360516

Dead Animal Collection at 710 Winsted Ln

Dead animal. Believe it to be an armadillo.
OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00360515

Other at 2205 Southern Oaks Dr South Austin

Squatters at 2205 southern oaks drive, Austin, TX 78745. This property has been sold to what I am assuming are investors/flippers in June or July and has been vacant since. I started noticing open side door at various times of day for at...
OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00360511

Concerns in Right of Way at E Yager Ln & Thompkins Dr

because of recent road construction extending the bike lane and curving the roadway there is now a blind spot because of lights coming from the other direction; between Tech Ridge and Thompkins, on Yager Ln; caller states she would like a...
OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00360507