Reports (4,845)

  • Non Emergency Noise Complaint

    2204 San Antonio St, Austin

    OPEN #24-00143633
  • Found Pet Report

    3200 S 1st St, Austin

    OPEN #24-00143627
  • Tree and Environmental Complaint

    2309 Jenibeth Ln, Austin

    Over grown trees and bushes

    OPEN #24-00143619
  • Parking Violation Enforcement

    1734 Timberwood Dr, Austin

    Illegally parked commercial vehicle

    OPEN #24-00143617
  • Traffic Sign Maintenance

    2313 Prather Ln, Austin

    Replace Crosswalk Ahead signage, Straighten out two poles, and straighten out stop pole as well

    OPEN #24-00143616
  • Traffic Sign Maintenance

    3922 Victory Dr, Austin

    Straighten out 2-3 No Parking Poles, Replace Crosswalk Ahead advisory sign, and then straighten out the Victory Dr signage.

    OPEN #24-00143614
  • School Zone Sign Maintenance

    3842 Victory Dr, Austin

    Replace faded School Ahead 20 mph signage.

    OPEN #24-00143611
  • Traffic Sign Maintenance

    3810 Victory Dr, Austin

    Replace faded warning crosswalk ahead sign and straighten out pole.

    OPEN #24-00143610
  • Traffic Sign Maintenance

    3800 S Lamar Blvd, Austin

    Straighten out Lane Control pole.

    OPEN #24-00143608
  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    1200 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin

    Traffic Light Anead Beacon is turning the wrong way. Sign replacement might be needed.

    OPEN #24-00143606



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