Reports (8)

  • AW - Manhole

    2206 Hopi Trl, Austin

    Man hole needs to be raised

    CLOSED #15-00249210
  • AW - Manhole

    1823 E 7th St, Austin

    Missing manhole cover on sidewalk south east corner of 7th and chickens

    CLOSED #15-00187132
  • AW - Manhole

    209 W 5th St, Austin

    Manhole broken!

    CLOSED #15-00023214
  • AW - Manhole

    108 Trinity St, Austin

    Manhole recessed too deep into St. causing severe dip

    CLOSED #15-00002778
  • AW - Manhole

    704 W Stassney Ln, Austin


    CLOSED #14-00244346
  • AW - Manhole

    9701 Anderson Mill Rd, Austin

    Manhole cover potholes

    CLOSED #14-00220277
  • AW - Manhole

    1009 E Riverside Dr, Austin

    There is a huge pothole in the middle of the road, cannot recall if there is a manhole cover in it and must remain, but it's very dangerous for motorcyclists especially and super painful on the bus.

    CLOSED #14-00164252
  • AW - Manhole

    2505 Enfield Rd, Austin

    Manhole cover has cracks and is sinking.

    CLOSED #14-00158469



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