Reports (9)

  • Tree Issue ROW/Emergency (PW)

    306 E 53rd St, Austin

    Low hanging tree limbs

    CLOSED #16-00294841
  • Tree Issue ROW/Emergency (PW)

    6113 Reicher Dr, Austin

    Low hanging tree of a vacant home covering the sidewalk, blocking it from use. Cars drive fast on Reicher and the sidewalk is necessary for pedestrian safety.

    CLOSED #15-00135889
  • Tree Issue ROW/Emergency (PW)

    6514 Lancret Hill Dr, Austin

    Large tree branch broken off in last weeks' storms is lying over the fence into the street in the small cul-de-sac off the intersection of Lancret Hill Dr and Headly Dr.

    CLOSED #15-00123461
  • Tree Issue ROW/Emergency (PW)

    3500 W Slaughter Ln, Austin

    Austin Police Dept faxed over request small tree in Median kncoked down and sticking into Westbound lanes

    CLOSED #04-00010872
  • APD called at 1659 hrs to request eta for the page and pager#'s were given lm

    CLOSED #04-00010506
  • Tree Issue ROW/Emergency (PW)

    5900 Upvalley Run, Austin

    Refer to SR# 6659 - Spoke with Parks confirming that this situation should be handled by WPD/Drainage. Note from WPDRD - This parcel is not owned by the City of Austin. We have a drainage easement here that allows us to do certain maintenance in the channel, however, cutting limbs from the trees is the property owner's responsibility, not WPDRD. The only time we take out a tree is when it falls down across the channel and inhibits the flow of water in the channel.

    CLOSED #04-00010494
  • Tree Issue ROW/Emergency (PW)

    1711 Enfield Rd, Austin

    blocking half way in the street and blocking entrance/exit.

    CLOSED #04-00010415
  • Tree Issue ROW/Emergency (PW)

    200 E 38th St, Austin

    citizen stated because of the storm last time there is a tree that is leaning. She stated tree has been leaning more and more that it will fall during the storm today. She states a huge tree will fall on a citizens car. Citizen stated it will fall. citizen did not want to give info Per 440-5199 stated SR Emergency.

    CLOSED #04-00010360
  • Tree Issue ROW/Emergency (PW)

    W Rogers Ln, Austin

    low over hanging limbs into the street

    CLOSED #04-00010051



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  • Tree Issue ROW/Emergency (PW) (Remove)