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  • Speed Management

    6604 Felix Ave, Austin

    OPEN #24-00143298
  • Speed Management

    13019 Garfield Ln, Austin

    Near collisions on blind turn by speeding drivers at bottom of Garfield lane.

    OPEN #24-00143251
  • Speed Management

    2007 Oxford Ave, Austin

    OPEN #24-00143238
  • Speed Management

    12916 Quinn Trl, Austin

    Speeding though neighborhood

    OPEN #24-00143230
  • Speed Management

    13017 Garfield Ln, Austin

    Speeding through neighborhood

    OPEN #24-00143229
  • Speed Management

    10501 Scotland Well Dr, Austin

    OPEN #24-00143073
  • Speed Management

    1101 Brentwood St, Austin

    OPEN #24-00142865
  • Speed Management

    12600 Scofield Farms Dr, Austin

    New street lines/barrier. This is taking away all of our curbside parking as it makes people veer towards the curb. It also does not slow people down.

    CLOSED #24-00142219

    Site Inspection Completed - Close SR. 4/24/24 - Left voicemail with direct contact information 4/24/24 - Met with resident in the field. Informed resident that there are no current plans for physical barriers at the intersection, just markings. Lane widths are approximately 20 feet at the center line. Street parking still allows for adequate lane width. No plans to remove center line at this time. Added location to Speed Management Program and Dynamic Speed Display Device queue. No further action required at this time. Closed.

  • Speed Management

    12800 Rampart St, Austin

    CLOSED #24-00141612

    Site Inspection Completed - Close SR. 4/24/24 - Discussed school zone placement with requestor. Existing school zone covers two crossings without stop control at the entrance/exit of both school. School zone will not be extended at this time. Since caller was concerned with speeding more than the school zone itself, I informed him that Rampart Street was studied in the previous Speed Management study cycle and that TPW is waiting to finalize the next ranking sheet that will include Rampart. Closed. No further action required at this time.

  • Speed Management

    13013 Kearns Dr, Austin

    OPEN #24-00141409

    Assign To Area Engineer Staff.



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