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  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    1200 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin

    Traffic Light Anead Beacon is turning the wrong way. Sign replacement might be needed.

    OPEN #24-00143606
  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    Texas Oaks Dr & W Slaughter Ln, Austin

    OPEN #24-00143568
  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    Emerald Forest Dr & W Stassney Ln, Austin

    OPEN #24-00143503
  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    1751 Schieffer Ave, Austin

    Traffic signal was recently changed from flashing yellow left turn signal to solid red protected left only. (Airport Southbound). I don’t know why it was changed. I have witnessed more issues in the couple of weeks since it has been changed than i have noticed over the last 15 years. Don’t know why it was changed. Makes no sense. Change it back, please.

    OPEN #24-00143501
  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    8113 Scenic Brook Dr, Austin

    Light turning left onto scenic brook dr from 290 unusually long. Cars are running the red turn light and intersection light because of the long wait times.

    OPEN #24-00143488
  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    4111 Airport Blvd, Austin

    Left turn cycle from Airport to Zach Scott was changed and no longer gives enough time for turning. Its created extreme wait times trying to get into Mueller and even more dangerous situations when others make the turn on red because the left turn light seems broken.

    OPEN #24-00143470
  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    1912 Barton Springs Rd, Austin

    Evening traffic backed up on eastbound Barton springs and Azie Morton.

    CLOSED #24-00143389

    COMPLET1. I checked traffic signal functions through historical timing values, live graphics and CCTV. This signal appears to be working per plan. Monitoring signal operations.

  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    6825 E Us 290 Hwy Svrd EB, Austin

    Damaged pedestrian signal pole

    O-WIP #24-00143379


  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    5101 Lancaster Ct, Austin

    Traffic light flashing

    O-WIP #24-00143352


  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance

    Congress Ave & W 4th St, Austin

    O-WIP #24-00143290

    Completed. SW corner SB counter starts with 90 seconds to cross and then immediately goes to 9 seconds before changing.



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  • Traffic Signal - Maintenance (Remove)