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    Contacted Citizen - Completed - Close SR. Spoke with individual, case was unrelated to algal blooms and no further investigation was needed.

  • Bellinger called the citizen on 5/21. The matter was referred to the WPD spills team to investigate if there was a leaky wastewater pipe crossing the creek fueling excessive algae growth. However, further investigation did not support inputs of wastewater, rather the site sits in a section of creek that tends to become stagnant and ecologically productive.

    CLOSED #23-00258352
  • Submitter entered incorrect SR# 23-00211093 via mobile app to DSD Environmental Inspections. SR# 23-00216214 was then entered to Drainage. Corrected SR# 23-00218195 has been entered to ERM. Brent Bellinger spoke with the caller about the mass of zebra mussel that were found, possible sources, and the relative risks/impacts.

    CLOSED #23-00218195
  • per WPD info from SR 22-00446724- refer to ERM to further investigate 903 W 12TH ST, AUSTIN, TX 78703. Matter was referred to WPD spills group.

    CLOSED #22-00447066
  • I started seeing green algae growing in the shallow water at our house in Lake Austin this week. I've never seen this before, in all the years we've lived here. I have 2 water dogs. I want to know if this is toxic algae or not. Brent went out to the site and talked with the citizen on this matter.

    CLOSED #22-00245377
  • Caller was contacted by ERM staff (Clamann) to discuss water quality and algae in Tannehill.

    CLOSED #22-00227197
  • Callers dog drank water from Lady Bird lake. The dog is not sick yet but caller would like to know if there are any precautions she can take. Brent Bellinger talked with the caller about the current state of the reservoir and relative risk of cyanotoxin exposure. The dog did not exhibit any symptoms but he caller is new to Austin and was looking for guidance.

    CLOSED #22-00131861
  • caller noticed algae in the creek that runs behind his home he wants to have creek tested for the wildlife that's inside/ or uses creek. Brent Bellinger spoke at length with the caller about the algae being observed, how common it is for the late winter/early spring. Brent also offered to come out to speak with the neighborhood residents about the creek's condition and measures that could be taken to protect the water quality and ways to safely interact with the waterway.

    CLOSED #22-00108922



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