Channels/Creeks/Drainage Issues

2609 Metcalfe Rd, Austin

CLOSED #24-00049779

No Action Needed - Close SR. Class: SR Created By: Log Type: NO_ACTION Summary: Investigation Details This is a duplicate request. I created Maximo work order #24-175326 for the crews to remove the sofa, trash, and other debris from the creek culvert and channel from his original Service request. I called the 311 caller today to inform him of what actions that I took on Friday, February 9, 2024. Since this is a duplicate and a work order has already been created, this service request is now closed with no further actions needed.

2609 Metcalfe Rd, Austin
30.2270476, -97.73712975
Additional Details
Is your concern related to homelessness activity? No
Would you like a callback from Watershed Protection regarding this issue? Yes
What is your preferred language for callback? English


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