Traffic Signal - Maintenance

Manor Rd & Airport Blvd, Austin

CLOSED #24-00114101

COMPLET1. Left-turns have been unomitted to allow for protected NB and SB turns overnight. Additionally, the City recently evaluated left turn operations at this intersection. As a part of this evaluation, we studied intersection characteristics, crash history, and other safety and mobility factors. Based on this evaluation, we have made this left turn protected-only to improve safety and reduce crashes.

Manor Rd & Airport Blvd, Austin
30.28629335, -97.70636143
Additional Details
Which signal type are you reporting? Traffic Signal
What is the issue with the signal? Timing
Are you reporting a timing issue with one signal or a series of signals? One signal
What is the timing problem with the signal? Skipping Left Turn Cycle
What type of transportation are you using? Motor Vehicle (Car, Truck, etc)
What time of the day is the problem the worst? Off Peak (7PM - 6:29AM)
What day of the week did you notice the problem? Monday-Friday
Is this the first time you noticed this problem? No
Direction of travel? North
*What time are you reporting the incident? After Hours - Before 6:00AM or after 8:00PM M-F


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